Pep Hamilton refining 'raw talent' on offense this spring

Michigan passing game coordinator and wide receiver coach Pep Hamilton is working towards getting his 'raw talent' on offense up to speed this spring.

Michigan will have to fill some gaps on offense this season with a majority of the offensive line, some receivers and other playmakers on offense that need to be replaced.

Even though this is his first spring with the program, passing game coordinator Pep Hamilton has been tasked to figure out who will fill the holes on the depth chart. Perhaps both good and bad for Hamilton, he will have plenty of young talent to work with this spring with more help coming in the fall.

With the football team hard at work during spring practice, it will be impossible to ask the coaches to figure out the identity of this football team just yet. They are a work in progress but responding well to the challenges put forth by the coaching staff, Hamilton says.

"I don't know just yet," he said. "I think we have a lot of young talent but you can't teach experience. I think it's important that these young kids get out there and practice, get in the film room, learn from some of their mistakes and then continue to put the work in their spare time. They have tough decisions to make. When I'm not studying, do I pick up the Xbox controller or do I pick up my iPad and continue to study the playbook? We've challenged them to do just that and they seem very receptive to our challenges."

The wide receiver position will have the microscope placed squarely on them during the spring and into the fall due to the unique mix of older players and talented freshman looking to make an impact early. The overarching similarities between all of the wide receivers, however, is quite clear.

There isn't much experience to work with.

"A lot of raw talent," Hamilton said about the receivers. "A lot of raw talent. Guys that are explosive, guys that are fast but guys that have a lot of work to be able to consistently win against man coverage."

For now, Hamilton and the rest of the offensive coaching staff are working to get the inexperienced players up to speed. Hamilton is primarily refining the talent to accomplish one goal:

To be a competent offensive unit.

"Just to continue to make sure in practice that we're working on things they need to work on to ultimately be able to go out and win one-on-one matchups for the receivers," Hamilton said. "For the quarterback to be able to go out and execute our offense at a high level. To manage bad plays, I'll continue to say that, and just be playmakers. Score the ball at the receiver position, throw touchdowns as a quarterback, our runners have to create their own yards and they have to run touchdowns. It's our job as an offensive unit to score the ball. That's what we've been charged with and that's our challenge."

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