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Kinnel recruiting former H.S. Teammate to Michigan

Tyree Kinnel’s friendship with L'christian Smith is playing a role in his recruitment to Michigan.

BEREA, Ohio – L'christian Smith says he’s “definitely” looking at Michigan, and a big reason behind his continued interest in the Wolverines is because of former high school teammate.

“My main recruiter is actually Tyree Kinnel, the safety,” Smith said. “I talk to him every day, I facetime him every night. He’s like my brother. I kind of look up to him. He was a senior when I was coming into high school.

Adding: “I just kind of talk to him every day, he’s just telling me to go where you are happy. ‘Michigan wants you, we want you, you know where we want you. It’s a great place to be. Just go where you are happy and best fits you.’”

And it seems after Smith’s initial visit to Michigan a few weeks back, he has taken a  solid interest in the Wolverines.

“(Michigan was) very nice,” Smith said. “It was a beautiful day. They took me the stadium. They actually showed me their computer engineering (program), because I want to be a computer engineer. Everything was kind of new. It was an eye-opener; I didn’t think Michigan was going to look that pretty.”

Coming up, Smith plans to attend Ohio State spring game this Saturday, and will be checking out Notre Dame the following weekend.

Smith says he plans to announce his commitment in September, but will take his official visits after his commitment.

“Just (looking at) how it feels being away from home,” Smith said. “Is it another home I can feel comfortable at? I don’t want to go anywhere where I feel homesick or anything like that. I want to go down there and know that I am being taken care of, they’re going to push me to be the best that I can. So that’s the deciding factors for me.”

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