Eddie McDoom on role: 'I'm more than just a fast guy'

Michigan wide receiver Eddie McDoom expects a larger role in the offense this season.

Sophomore wide receiver Eddie McDoom exploded onto the scene at Michigan in more ways than one. With his blazing speed, as well as a catchy last name, fans knew what to expect once he had the ball in his hands.

Unfortunately for McDoom, the role he had in the offense a year ago didn't get to showcase much of anything outside of his speed. As being mainly in a sweep and run across the field type of player, coupled with the departure of a few major pieces on offense, he expects his role to be expanded this season.

"No more sweeps across the field, they're switching it up for me," McDoom said.

So, McDoom is saying that there will no longer be any designed sweeps for him in this new offensive system?

"They can't get rid of that one," McDoom admitted with a smile.

While the sweep plays will continue to be an option for him on offense, he says that he has been practicing in both the slot and outside positions. McDoom also said that, if needed, he will hit somebody as outside receivers will need to block in order to stay on the field.

Needless to say, McDoom is eager to show his team and coaching staff that he is more than his speed defined him to be a season ago.

"I'm more than just a fast guy that can run," McDoom said. "I've got hands and I've been showing it a little bit out there. I'm going to show it a lot this year."

Another aspect of an increased role comes in the form of a Pep Hamilton ran offense. Multiple players have voiced their pleasure for the new system and terminology. McDoom says the Hamilton offense is faster and slightly different from the system the team ran a season ago. Overall, he gives high marks to his new coach.

"Great coach," McDoom said. "I love the playbook he has installed. Really fast, great plays and I feel like there's going to be a lot of big plays opening up this year. [The offense] is a lot different, a lot faster. The passing game is different, different concepts. We've been opening up the playbook. It's not too different, we're just trying to run the new playbook as we have the old playbook in our head. We're trying to get rid of that and get the Pep Hamilton playbook in."

As well as working with the quarterbacks, Hamilton is also responsible for working with the wide receivers as well. Moe Ways said that the release has been one of the biggest things he has improved under Hamilton. McDoom, it appears, seems to agree with that sentiment.

"The release has been a big deal," McDoom said. "He's been teaching us new techniques, stuff that gets us open coming off the line and it's been working so far."

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