Higdon on transition to Jay Harbaugh

Michigan RB Karan Higdon reflects on his transition to Jay Harbaugh as his new position coach.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- In January, Jay Harbaugh was announced as Michigan's new running backs coach.

He replaced a Michigan legend at RB and former coach in Tyrone Wheatley, who took the same job with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You would think replacing Wheatley with Harbaugh would be an odd transition, right? Well, according to junior Karan Higdon, it’s been smooth sailing since Harbaugh took over the running backs group this year. 

“So far it really hasn’t been that much of a difference,” Higdon said, who admits he still talks to Wheatley regularly. “Obviously coach Jay hasn’t played the position.  So he is coming from a different perspective. In that aspect he really can’t give the insight on how exactly we should run. But he gives us details on how we should attack certain situations, which is very good.”

Though, Higdon admits he was a “shocked” when heard Harbaugh would be his next coach.

“I was kind of shocked, but I have faith in him,” Higdon said of reaction when Harbaugh took the job. “Coach (Jim) Harbaugh makes great decisions. Coach Jay  coming in showing us, being up front with us about the situation, very respectable. And just seeing how far he has come so far, he’s been great.”

What’s been Harbaugh’s biggest impact so far?

“The emphasis on pass pro, he taught us great techniques that I honestly never though about in a pass block situation,” Higdon said. “Using those techniques has definitely been helpful for me. It’s definitely helped my productivity in the passing game.”

Michigan plays its annual spring game this Saturday at 1 p.m.

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