Michigan running back Ty Isaac made improving pass protection a point of emphasis this spring

Michigan redshirt senior running back Ty Isaac has made pass protection a point of emphasis this spring.

Michigan running backs coach Jay Harbaugh was asked who was standing out this spring out of his group. One of the first names he mentioned was redshirt senior running back Ty Isaac. More specifically, Harbaugh mentioned Isaac's pass protection has taken a big leap this spring compared to last year.

Knowing it's his last shot on the field, Isaac has reassessed some things and realized nothing is ever guaranteed. He has put in the work to become a better player and he made the pass protection game a point of emphasis this offseason by observing film and talking to people in the NFL.

"I've got some friends who play in the league and moreover than that if you want to play here you've got to pass pro," Isaac said. "If you want to make it to the next you've got to pass pro, you can't have an incomplete game. Just trying to work on anything I feel like is not up to my standards I need to work on as much as I can... [I worked on] getting better, I felt like it wasn't my strongest suit in my game in the past years and I know that it's a big key in order to stay on the field. I've watched a lot of film this offseason and have made it a point of emphasis this spring."

When asked specifically what he thinks he has done to impress the coaching staff this season, Isaac says that being physical in pass protection has made a difference for him.

He's not the only one to work on pass protection, either. It appears all the running backs want to be better.

"Just being a lot more physical in pass pro," Isaac said. "Just knowing all of your assignments and then you play a lot faster, that makes a difference. When you play a lot faster you play more physical."

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