Mike McCray working to become vocal leader on defense

Michigan linebacker Mike McCray says that he is working to become more of a vocal presence on the defense now that he is one of the oldest players on the team.

Redshirt senior linebacker Mike McCray is not the most talkative person on the team, even he admits it himself. However, some things have to change this season with him being one of the oldest players on the team, which is something else he also realizes.

Life has come full circle in a sense for McCray. Questioning whether he would ever see the field at Michigan due to injuries, he excelled on the field last season and now is in a position to be a mentor for the younger players on the team. While it was a different experience for him to grasp at first, McCray says that he is comfortable being a leader on the defense this season.

"At first it's kind of different and kind of weird just being one of the oldest on the team," McCray said. "But now I'm more comfortable with it because I know what to expect from everybody. Everybody knows I'm the oldest pretty much, I'm just trying to go out there and give it my all and be a great leader. I'm pretty comfortable [with being a leader on defense], I was comfortable with in the past as well because you have to do that with the team. Sometimes mistakes happen and you have to be able to correct those mistakes."

Is he the type of player that is constantly telling people what to do? Not quite, but he is available to help the younger players get up to speed. Something he might be doing more than others before him have done in the past.

Regardless of what needs to be done, McCray, the quiet linebacker, is working to become more of a vocal leader on the field.

"Our team knows what they're doing pretty much," McCray said. "Just sometimes you have the young guys, like the early enrollees, coming in that are still struggling a little bit and you have to help those guys out... I'm not really a talkative guy but I know being one of the older guys I have to be able to speak more."

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