Kevin Grady Chats w/GBW about his Commitment

East Grand Rapids star running back <b>Kevin Grady</b>, and his coach Peter Stuursma (his comment on Grady's running style is interesting!), spoke with GoBlueWolverine Magazine this (Tuesday) afternoon about Grady's recent Michigan commitment.

East Grand Rapids Star Kevin Grady (5-9, 230 lbs., 4.5 in the 40, 2.7 GPA) committed to Michigan this past weekend. This afternoon I spoke with Grady about his commitment.

Why did you decide early?
"I've been been giving it a lot of thought and Michigan is just a perfect fit for me. I've thought real hard the last couple weeks and it just makes sense. It's where I wanted to be and here I am.

Why Michigan?
"I love it down in Ann Arbor. I feel comfortable with the coaches and the whole staff. I just feel real comfortable being down there. It feels like the place I should be."

When did you tell Carr?
"Sunday night. I called Coach Carr and told him."

What was his reaction?
"He was pretty excited about it. He told me I wouldn't regret making the decision. He gave me some words of wisdom, you know, like keeping everything in perspective and working hard. He told me to have a good season and to keep doing what I'm doing.

What schools did it come down too?
"There were some other schools but in my mind it was Michigan all the way."

What position did the coaches tell you you would play at Michigan?
"I believe I'll be playing tailback there. I'm almost positive that's where I'll be."

Did they talk to you about red-shirting?
"We didn't get too much into that but if I have to do that in order to improve myself as a player then I'll do it. I would want to play my freshman year rather than red-shirt, but if it happens that way then I'll take it as a positive."

Were you seriously looking at Northwestern?

How serious were you looking at Michigan State?
"I had a little bit of interest in State but it was basically Michigan the whole way."

Which UM coach was recruiting you?
"Terry Malone."

How is your relationship with Coach Malone?
"He's a real great guy. I've heard some real good things about him, like he's a genious offensively so it should be fun playing for him."

How is your relationship with Carr?
"What can you say about Coach Carr? He's probably one of the best coaches in this century. He's a great guy and I've learned a lot from him. I can't wait to play for him."

When we spoke in August you said Michigan was huge, had you already decided then?
"I was leaning towards them but I wasn't totally sure yet. Back in two-a-days I was just getting back into the groove but once the games started I just knew that it was the place I wanted to be."

When, exactly, did you receive your offer from Carr?
"After my freshman year when I went down to camp there. Coach Carr pulled me in his office and he offered a scholarship to me. It was a pretty big deal since I was a sophomore. He just told me to keep working hard and get the job done."

Have any schools contacted you after Sept 1?
"I got letters from Tennessee, Miami, Michigan State, Boston College, Northwestern, and Ohio State."

Were there any community pressures to chose one school or the other?
"No, not at all. Everybody's been real supportive and leaving it up to me."

How was your family involved with you decision?
"They were behing me all the way. They gave me some input about schools academically and stuff like that but ultimately the decision."

Are you going to the Notre Dame game this weekend?
"Oh yeah, there will certainly be a different feel about this game than before."

What will you say to the other recruits there?
"I'll just talk to them about coming down there and see who has the potential to play at Michigan. Hopefully I'll be able to convince them to come out and join and be a part of the tradition."

Is there anything that would make you change your mind and open your recruiting back up?
"No, not at all, not at all. From day one when Coach Carr told me I had a scholarship I told him I was glad and excited but I couldn't verbally commit to him. When I could I wanted him to know that when I do it's my word. Once I made the decision then that was the team I was going to play for. I didn't want to verbally commit then have my mind change. I just wanted him to know that when I verbally commit that's it, and that my word was my bond."

Have you contacted the coaches from the other schools that have offered to tell them your recruiting is finished?
"No, I haven't."

What is your GPA?

What classes are you taking this semester?
"Math and government. I have most of my required classes out of the way."

Do you plan on graduating early so you can practice with the team in the Spring of 2005?
"Yeah, that's what I plan on doing."

What is the feeling there about this Friday's game with Lowell?
"I'm pumped, it's going to be fun. It's our first challenge of the season. We look pretty good, everyone is enthusiastic and we'll take it one step at a time."

GoBlueWolverine Magazine's Tom Beaver spoke this afternoon with East Grand Rapids Head Coach Peter Stuursma. He had this to say about his star back.

What is Kevin like as a person?

"The thing is, there are not enough adjectives to describe Kevin. He is the epitome of the student-athlete: humble, classy, a guy who gives 100% at all times."

How is he doing academically?

"Academically he is fine."

How would you describe his running style?

"The first thing to remember is that he moved from fullback to tailback last year. So he has the size of a fullback at 5-10, 225 lbs., but he is unique for his size, because he can make people miss. But if he is boxed in he will blast through for 5-7 yards, carrying guys if necessary. He is always going forward."

Is there anyone you would compare him to style-wise?

"No -- he is unique."

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