Zordich on Lavert Hill: 'He's a natural'

Michigan assistant Michael Zordich says Lavert Hill is a "natural" at CB, though, he just needs to stay healthy.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan assistant Michael Zordich praised the ability of LaVert Hill on Tuesday, calling him a “natural” at the cornerback position.

However, according to Zoridch, Hill’s talent alone isn’t enough.

“He’s a natural,” Zordich said of Hill. “He just has natural ability. Bu that natural ability doesn’t do anything on the wood, he’s got to get out and play, you know what I mean? He’s got to come and play. He’s one of the ones that is a little uncomfortable right now, we got to get that straighten out.”

And when healthy, Zordich knows the sophomore-to-be can be a playmaker in U-M’s secondary.

“That’s why he is good at what he does when he is playing,” Zordich said of Hill’s aggressive style of play. “He’s natural at finding and fitting on a player and finding the football.”

Though, Zordich points out it’s tough for Hill to showcase his abilities when he only plays eight plays like he did in Michigan’s spring game on Saturday.

“Lavert is very talented, dinged up a little bit,” Zordich said. “He played eight plays in the game on Saturday. David (Long Jr.) is practicing well, but he’s young too. He didn’t get a lot of plays at the middle to the end of last season of practice, we redshirted him, and he didn’t get a lot of action. But they’re very talented young guys. Everyone one them has to learn this isn’t a comfortable game, and you got to be able to play uncomfortable.”

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