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Quinn Slazinski sees D.J. Wilson in his game, meets John Beilein during Texas swing

Michigan head coach John Beilein stopped by Westbury Christian School in Texas to see 2019 forward Quinn Slazinski.

Michigan head coach John Beilein was busy on the recruiting trail this week. One of his stops included going through the state of Texas to Westbury Christian School in Houston to talk with 2019 forward Quinn Slazinski.

For Slazinski, it was the first time meeting the U-M head man. So the meeting was just a casual introductory meeting to introduce him to the Wolverines program.

"It was my first time meeting [Beilein]," Slazinski said. "From the looks of watching [Michigan], he's an amazing coach. He was informing me about this coming upcoming year and just introducing the whole thing to me."

In terms of his own game, Slazinski's mother compares him to a current Wolverine deciding whether he wants to stay for one more season or enter the NBA Draft.

While the two might be comparable, he feels that he could fit what the coaching staff is trying to build in Ann Arbor.

"It's funny you ask, my mother always compares me to D.J. Wilson's game," Slazinski said. "I see how [Beilein] likes long athletes that can handle the ball. I feel like I would fit in well."

Slazinski is very familiar with the state of Michigan, funnily enough. He's not some Texas kid that has never left the state. In fact, Slazinski has countless family members that live in Michigan. His parents are from the state and Slazinski himself grew up in Bloomfield Hills and Traverse City.

His brother plays college baseball in Michigan and Ann Arbor will be on the list of stops when he visits.

"My brother plays baseball at Saginaw Valley State," Slazinski said. "We will be visiting him in few weeks andI'mm definitely going to check out [Michigan]."

Slazinski currently has offers from Texas A&M, Texas, UCal, Tulane, Oklahoma St., Georgia Tech, Houston, TCU, and Rice.

With a long way to go until his recruitment is over, he is just enjoying the process.

"Right now I'm just taking things very slowly," Slazinski said. "Looking at things from afar and enjoying the process."

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