Mike Wroblewski suggests Italy trip building team bonds

Mike Wroblewski says the trip to Rome is a team bonding experience.

While we're all aware of the historical and educational significance the trip to Rome means to the Michigan football program, it also couldn't come at a better time from a football standpoint.

This is the perfect opportunity for a young team to bond.

Redshirt senior linebacker Mike Wroblewski also recognizes the importance of bonding on this trip. When you're surrounded by your teammates 24 hours a day, it's kind of difficult to not create a kinship amongst the team. However, Wroblewski admits that the players aren't the one members of the team that bonding. In fact, it's a group effort.

The coaching staff is also bonding as well.

"The players and the coaches," Wroblewski said. "When you're going to see all these sites and you're with your brothers saying oh my gosh, look at the Coliseum, the Pantheon and all these different things. Then you're playing paintball with your coaches and you're shooting Coach Harbaugh and Coach Brown, you don't get to do that all the time. That brings you culture, you're with everyone and you're with them the whole day. You eat together, you laugh together and you see it all together. It's been awesome."

For a team that lost a hefty amount of senior leadership, a trip like the one U-M is taking to Rome can also bring out leaders in the process. By being a fifth-year player, Wroblewski has been around many leaders of the Wolverines football team during his time. Now, he says, it's his turn to step up and take that role.

It isn't just up to him, however, the rest of the senior class must assume leadership responsibilities as well.

"I think so," Wroblewski said. "You've been here for so long, you build so many relationships with those players throughout the years. It just becomes more and more of like a family. I remember when I was a freshman, I looked up to those older guys. You try to learn from them, see what they do and how they go about things. Now I feel that me and the rest of the fifth-years and upcoming fourth-year seniors are in that position of leadership."

Video by Sam Webb

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