Newsome 'loss for words' after meeting Pope

Michigan's Grant Newsome says he was at a "loss for words" after meeting Pope Francis.

Sitting only a stone throw away from arguably the most religious international figure in the world can certainly make an impact on you.

And when that figure is Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, the impact can take your breath away. 

According to Michigan’s Grant Newsome, that certainly was the case.

“We were probably 40 feet from him,” Newsome said. “Just being able to see him, the reaction that everyone had, a lot of us were at a loss for words.”

Adding: “He said a blessing over the crowd, just to be there and to be able to hear him speak was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m really happy it happened.”

Like most people in attendance, Newsome admits he was more taking in his “surreal” experience with the pope then speaking with his teammates.

“I think we were all just sitting there looking at each other not saying much, just listening to someone who is so internationally renowned, such a huge figure, especially of someone who is from the Christian faith, I’m at a lost for words right now how surreal it was,” Newsome said.

Newsome, who will miss the 2017 season due to his ongoing leg rehabilitation, was adamant he is in good spirits and enjoyed getting around on his feet again. 

“I’m feeling good,” Newsome said. “It feels good to be back on my feet. I’m enjoying it.”

Things could've been much worse, however. According to's Nick Baumgardner, Newsome, despite walking off the field after suffering his knee injury, was minutes away from potentially having his life change forever.

"The (doctors) saved my life," Newsome told MLive. "Without getting into too much detail, I was minutes (away from losing my leg)."

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