Khaleke Hudson wants to build on solid spring game performance, improve every day at VIPER position

Michigan VIPER Khaleke Hudson discusses his transition to a new position.

Michigan didn't have to look very hard to find their replacement for Jabrill Peppers and the VIPER position.

U-M sophomore Khaleke Hudson, who has a similar build to Peppers, is ready to take over the position and certainly looked the part during the Wolverines' spring game two weeks ago. While he made his presence felt from the time he entered the game to the point where he left it, Hudson was satisfied with his performance but, as any player should feel, there is always room for improvement.

"Honestly I think I did pretty well but I could've done better," Hudson said. "There were some times where I messed up or did the wrong thing. There's always things to get better. Overall, I feel that I did pretty well."

What exactly needs to be improved and what will be the focus going forward? Like any typical player that has been around Jim Harbaugh, the focus will always stay the same.

Get better every day.

"There's not really any specific spot I need to improve on," Hudson said. "I just feel like I need improve every day. [I need to improve on] everything because you can always improve on everything. You can improve on coverage, going against the run, going against tight ends. I can improve on everything. I feel like I just need to work hard at practice every day, do what I'm supposed to do and get better every day."

With the VIPER position still relatively new for Hudson, who is a safety at heart, the transition to a new position has appeared, for now, to be smooth. Of course, the transition won't come without bumps in the road.

Despite that, Hudson is excited for what's to come with an expanded role this season.

"It's really exciting knowing that everyone is counting on you," Hudson said. "You've got to do what you've got to do to help the defense and I feel that I'm the best fit for [the VIPER] position. It fits me very well. The biggest change now that I'm playing in the box a little more with safety, I'm not really in a box. Now with the VIPER position, I'm in the box a little more... The toughest part [of adjustment to safety] is going in the box, you're going against bigger lineman, stronger lineman. You've got to read stuff faster, so that's probably the toughest part."

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