Jack Wangler says football is still on the minds of teammates in Italy

Michigan fifth-year senior Jack Wangler says football is still on the mind of his team during the Italy trip.

A jet-lagged Jack Wangler stood outside the Vatican amazed he was able to see the Pope. Having freshly arrived in Italy joining his teammates later than others, it was a whirlwind 24 hours for the fifth-year senior. 

Despite being a little tired, he wouldn't change the experience for anything.

His teammates would likely say the same as well, as this experience with likely won't be replicated again. Wangler has noticed the impact of this Italy trip has done to the team. They spend hours working towards creating a winning team, locking themselves in Schembechler Hall with football terminology.

While in Italy, they can break from the norm and enjoy each others company. Which is something that Wangler has noticed immediately.

"When it's all said and done you can only analyze so much in the moment," Wangler said. "Even being here for such a short time, you see guys coming together, coaches and players interacting and doing the same things. When we're in Schembechler Hall 24/7, you only see the certain side of coaches because everyone is working towards the same goal of making a championship team. When you're here, taking in the city and the sights and sounds, you're doing it as one and it's an amazing experience. You're creating a great bond and enjoying it as it comes."

Although the Italy trip is rooted in an educational mindset, football is still very much on the minds of the team amidst the Italian experience. Something that Wangler says he values from his teammates.

"That's first priority," Wangler said. "Some guys are already like, 'okay we have practice the next three days,' thinking about what's going on. Taking in the city and stuff, we still talk about what we have to do and what we need to accomplish. I think that's an awesome aspect of this team. They're always looking ahead as far as what we have to do with practice. Obviously, the four-hour practices are done but we have three left and I think we're going to value those three."

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