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Jabrill Peppers returns to 'natural habitat' in the defensive backfield

Jabrill Peppers feels like he belongs in the defensive backfield after being selected No. 25 overall by the Cleveland Browns

There was some discussion whether Jabrill Peppers was going to end up going in the first round, or whether he was worthy of the hype surrounding him coming out of Michigan.

The Cleveland Brown silenced those doubts when they took Peppers No. 25 in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

While he played multiple positions at Michigan, and has the talent to do something similar at the professional level, his role will be much more centralized in the NFL. Drafted as a defensive back and, perhaps, a kick returner, Peppers said in a teleconference with Cleveland reporters on Thursday that he is in the best position to be able to grow as a professional.

"I've never had the opportunity to play in the defensive backfield," Peppers said. "Now that I'm going to show these guys what I can do, show everybody what I can do. I definitely feel like the defensive backfield is where I belong... I was filling the void playing linebacker and now I can go back to my natural habitat and where I'm most comfortable at. I get to work at one position. I'm just excited, the sky is the limit and we're going to make big things happen."

Shortly before the draft, news leaked out that Peppers had failed a drug test at the combine due to a diluted sample. While the news would undoubtedly impact his draft stock, Peppers remained steadfast with his morals and who he is as a person. With a history of cramping, he says, he had to stay hydrated as he was working with two different position groups during the combine.

While he might have to convince some teams about his character after the failed test, the Browns were not swayed and Peppers was appreciative of that.

"I didn't have to convince them of anything," Peppers said. "People can speculate what they want, I'm putting that behind me now. This is the best day of my life for me, the Browns believed in me as an organization and a coaching staff. They pretty much know what kind of guy they're getting, a high character guy who's going to lay it all out on the line for his team no matter what the circumstances are."

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