Taco Charlton ready to tap into potential with Cowboys

Taco Charlton is ready to get to work after being drafted No. 28 overall by the Dallas Cowboys.

Taco Charlton was the second Wolverine selected in the first round when his name was called No. 28 overall by the Dallas Cowboys.

After a meeting at the Cowboys' headquarters, Charlton struck up a bond with defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and the rest was history. While still relatively raw at the position and with potential abound, the Cowboys should be salivating at the thought of what they could do with Charlton on the defensive line.

Either way, it was that meeting that likely helped Charlton find his way to Texas.

"They loved my film, we watched film [during his visit] and they love what they see," Charlton told Dallas reporters after being drafted. "Them coaching me up, my potential, you really can't match it. They felt like I was a great player and I could do some great things. Coach Marinelli felt that once he could get his hands on me, it was a done deal from there."

The hard work doesn't stop after being drafted, it has only just begun. Charlton now has to put in the work to adapt to a brand new level of football he hasn't experienced before. Until those experiences happen, it's business as usual for Charlton, who says that working on his consistency will be a priority.

That will be done with the same work ethic he displayed during his time in Ann Arbor.

"Really just being consistent with everything," Charlton said. "I have great plays, great games, just making sure that every play [is consistent] every time. It's something I can't wait to get coached up to do. I'm a guy who works hard, that's why I got a chance to improve my stats this year by how hard I work in the film room, on the practice field, and in the weight room. Once I get to Dallas it's not going to stop, I'm trying to be an impact player and help this team win some games. They're already a successful team but I'm trying to get a chance to help them take the next step."

Charlton might also be uniquely prepared for the next level due to the NFL coaching experience he had during his final two seasons at Michigan. Greg Mattison, his position coach, was a coach at the NFL level and understands what is required of you every day. That's why he feels so prepared to become a better NFL player.

"Coach Matty is an NFL coach, he has NFL experience," Charlton said. "He's a guy like Coach Marinelli, you have to do it his way. I know I've already had that type of coaching, I know how it is when a coach goes hard on you. All of that is not going to be brand new to me, I just love it because it pushes me to be the player I want to be. I'm going to enjoy it, soak it up, and try to improve my game each day."

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