Don Brown says young corners fighting learning curve

Michigan defensive coordinator Don Brown discusses the challenges the young cornerbacks are facing at Michigan.

It's not every day you will replace a player like Jourdan Lewis with another Jourdan Lewis-type player on your roster.

That's exactly what the Michigan staff will be trying to do this offseason as the defense will be in need of a tinkering due to the loss of so many senior players on that side of the ball. Many expect players like Lavert Hill and David Long to be the starting corners this season but it hasn't exactly been easy for the both of them.

The spring was meant to be a time to take steps towards assuming the starting role but it's been an upward climb so far. According to defensive coordinator Don Brown, Hill has missed some valuable practice time during spring which has stunted his development slightly but still likes the promise Hill has displayed when he's been able to practice.

Come fall, however, Brown feels he will find his footing.

"No," Brown said when asked if he was comfortable relying on Hill right now. "He's missed a lot of practice time and I'm not blaming him, but that practice time is so precious. I like his body of work that he's displayed, it's been encouraging. He just needs more of it and that's just being as honest as a heart attack. I love him, I love what I see about the guy, he's supremely confident, smart, he's a solid technician. Learning every day, too. Those are valuable reps when you miss them. It'll go into the fall where all of a sudden he puts together three, four, five good practices in a row, you're going to feel a heck of a lot better. Right now it's just been so choppy I can't even give you a great eval on the guy other than his arrow is straight up in the air."

Hill is not the only one that's fighting a learning curve currently. The rest of the young corners are in the same situation no matter how many practices they have participated in.

Brown says that he really likes his crop of cornerbacks he currently has on roster. Now, he is waiting to see some progress.

"There's not a guy here that we don't like," Brown said. "I'm saying from a talent standpoint from a corner, there's not a guy we don't like. Our scholarship corners, every one of them has a chance to be an outstanding player. Thank the good Lord, that's all I can say... The learning curve for the corners, in terms of just their responsibilities in the defense, are not as difficult mentally, it's the physical challenge that we put the corners through that's challenging."

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