Chase Winovich emerging as team leader this offseason

Chase Winovich feels himself emerging as a team leader this offseason.

Chase Winovich is one of the handful of players that Michigan will be returning on defense this season with significant playing experience from a season ago.

While it may or may not have a significant impact compared to the younger players, it does put him in a position to teach those younger players how to prepare for the grind of the upcoming season. Winovich is now put into a position of being viewed as a leader, with the younger players also looking to him for guidance and how to conduct yourself every day.

The defensive lineman is ready to accept that challenge and that he views himself as a leader not only on the defense but the entire team as well.

"I honestly think, and my teammates will feel the same way, that I am one of the leaders of this defense and the team," Winovich said. "I hope to be that guy when they're out on the field when it's fourth down, third down or even first down, they're looking at you and saying we got this. Chris Evans gave a wise words speech today about the Persian horse, not the Trojan horse, when there are two horses together they can carry 14,000 pounds but one by itself can only carry 7,000 pounds. Sometimes the work you need to put in and the reliance you have on other people is greater, the problems in front of you, are greater than 7,000 pounds. This season there are going to be times where I need to count on them."

With the days until the Wolverines return stateside dwindling, the players are relishing in their final days of their trip to Rome. Winovich has loved every moment of this trip and has made him richer than anything money can buy.

"It's been an awesome experience for me and my teammates," Winovich said. "Any time you have the opportunity to travel overseas, I really think it's the one thing you can buy that makes you richer. The experience of going to the opera, touring the Vatican and going to the Colosseum with the guys who came in later, it's priceless. It really is."

The trip has also forged a bond between the team, which also helps Winovich to become a more effective leader. The trip to Italy has forced the team to stay away from modern electronics and enjoy the sights and sounds around them.

"A lot of guys, myself included, are stuck on our cell phones at times," Winovich said. "Coming over and not having as good of service, some guys not having any service at all, it's kind of forced us to really bond with people that we might not have bonded with before."

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