Wilton Speight comfortable facing pressure, working to become more rhythmic

Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight is ready to put in work this offseason.

Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight last around 20 pounds over the offseason to become more mobile in the pocket.

During the spring game, Speight was forced to move around much more than he liked after facing intense defensive pressure. While working towards becoming more mobile was a goal Speight was working towards this offseason, he told reporters after U-M's scrimmage in Rome that there were other aspects he will be working on this offseason as well.

"I say I'm at the point where I feel better when there's pressure in my face rather than 7-on-7 where I'm sitting in a clean pocket," Speight said. "I like to be able to move around and feel out the timing instead of having to be so rhythmic. That's one thing I really need to work on this offseason is being better when it's just the rhythmic three-step, five-step, there's no one in my face. That's kind of what I'm going to focus on."

For Speight, it wouldn't an offseason if there weren't any bumps in the road. With having new tight ends, wide receivers and running backs to work with, there will be a transition process the offense will have to work through. However, Speight is prepared for what's to come, whether it was by choice or not.

He credits head coach Jim Harbaugh for that.

"Nothing is ever going to go smooth sailing," Speight said. "Never. Coach Harbaugh is extremely hard on me and I embrace that, I appreciate that. I wouldn't be where I'm at now, at my point with Michigan, if it wouldn't be for my first spring here telling me to transfer on national TV or him yelling at me today. I never want that to change, I've gotten used to it, I'm accustomed to it. It helps me build my callous and that makes me better on Saturday's."

For now, the fans will debate whether Speight or redshirt sophomore Brandon Peters should be named the starting quarterback. Speight isn't ready to concede defeat just yet. Heading into fall camp, competition is always on the mind.

He'll be ready.

"Always," Speight said. "That's the mindset everyone across the board. I was talking to Mason [Cole] and Mason is having the same conversation in his mind. That's the way Coach Harbaugh has wired us to operate."

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