Ouimet's Top 25 (Week 3)

Recent U-M football staffer Mark Ouimet provides us with his weekly Top 25 – with his outlook for each team.

1. Oklahoma – Great Special teams play for the Sooners keeps them at the top, but they can't look past Fresno State this week and must be more efficient offensively this week.

2. Miami (Fl) – Outstanding performance from QB Brock Berlin and the Hurricanes defense they have moved into second passes the Buckeyes. With 28 unanswered points and a home date with East Carolina, look for the Canes to maintain this spot while they get ready for Boston College in two weeks.

3. Ohio State – Squeaking by San Diego State with a 102 yard Interception for a TD drops the Buckeyes one spot in the poll. With North Carolina State and Bowling Green back to back weeks the Buckeyes better get more focused as a team. Clarett is over with and don't expect him this year at all.

4. Texas – With a week off since the huge win over North Texas look for the Longhorns to play well at home against Arkansas and come off the bye with a victory.

5. USC – The Trojans held off BYU this past week and now prepare for Hawaii. They are off to a good start and looks like QB Matt Leinart will be a nice replacement to Carson Palmer.

6. Kansas State – Points haven't been a problem for the Wildcats this year with 40 more in all 3 games. The points will not stop this week either with UMass coming to town and this Division I-AA team will not stop the path of these Wildcats.

7. Georgia – The Bulldogs are playing solid team defense and the University of South Carolina is coming to town after their upset of Virginia. Look for the defense to control this Gamecock team without any problem.

8. Michigan – RB Chris Perry follows up with another good outing, but this defense will finally play a team that can move the ball. Look for a great college football game in the Big House and for special teams to decide this game.

9. Virginia Tech – Two easy games for the Hokies to start the season, so we will find out if this team is for real when the Aggies come to Blacksburg for this one. Look for the Hokies to answer the call and win this game by a couple of touchdowns.

10. Florida State – It looks like the Seminoles are back after an easy victory over Maryland. Next opponent is Georgia Tech and it shouldn't be a problem this week either with QB Chris Rix in charge of this team and RB Greg Jones behind him.

11. Pittsburgh – Without QB Rutherford they were able to handle Kent State with ease, so Ball State should be the same this week. Look for Rutherford to be back and should deliver a more potent offense this week.

12. LSU – The Tigers are off to a great start with another blowout win this week against Arizona. A good Western Illinois team is coming to town, but shouldn't slow the Tigers down much this week.

13. Tennessee – With a bye week they need to concentrate on penalties in practice to prepare for the Florida Gators in two weeks on the road. Did have a good win against Marshall at home and QB Clausen is looking good so far this year.

14. Wisconsin – Will this team make a run at the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl. With UNLV this week the Badgers and QB Jim Sorgi should keep the winning streak alive. Look for a heavy dose of RB Anthony Davis to wear down this Rebel defense.

15. Notre Dame – A huge comeback win against Washington State at home the Irish will have a tough contest on the road with Michigan. Look for QB Holiday to be on the run all day with the blitzing schemes of Michigan up front to put that pressure on.

16. Iowa – Two good wins against MAC teams will have a little better test against Iowa State this week. RB Fred Russell will help with over 100 yard average per game this week against the Cyclones on the road.

17. Colorado – Two solid wins to start the season and it isn't going to get any easier with a home date with Washington State. They will need another solid team effort to win this one.

18. Florida – I will not drop the Gators in my poll after that great game against the Hurricanes. The Gators played hard and really deserved to win this game. They play a decent Florida A&M team at home, while they will have the Vols in two weeks.

19. Wake Forest – Two great wins against Boston College and North Carolina State they deserve this Top 20 ranking. QB Randolph is leading this team and will need to do it again this week against Purdue at home.

20. North Carolina State – A tough loss on the road at Wake Forest and swearing they weren't looking to Ohio State. Well Ohio State is here, its on the road, and they need to win to stay in the Top 25.

21. Nebraska – Another win at home for the Cornhuskers and a struggling Penn State coming to town after a bad loss against Boston College. They can not start out slow this week against the Lions because they are going to be hungry this week.

22. Arizona State – An overall win at home to start the season against Northern Arizona and has Utah State coming in off two tough losses. The Sun Devils will go on the road two weeks against Iowa and show us if they should be ranked higher.

23. Missouri – Wins against Illinois and Ball State put them into my Top 25. With a home date with Eastern Illinois look for them to maintain and keep the winning streak alive.

24. TCU – A two win start and a bad SEC team coming to town in Vanderbilt. TCU needs to win this game to confirm they belong in this Top 25.

25. Oregon – They are in my top 25 this week with wins over Mississippi and Neveda this past week. Look for a big win over Arizona this week and that will make the game the following week against Michigan more interesting.

Washington – A 25 point win against Indiana will not get you into the Top 25. If they beat Idaho and Stanford they will make it back into the Top 25.

Texas A&M – They answered the call with one of those wins, now if they can beat Virginia Tech or Pittsburgh they will make my Top 25.

Colorado State – If they can keep winning they will be back into the Top 25, but it is going to take some time until you'll see them again.

Alabama – A tough loss at home to Oklahoma, but in the next few weeks they can work there way into the Top 25. They play Kentucky and Northern Illinois, which if they beat them both they will sneak there way in.

Bowling Green – A great win on the road at Purdue, but they must to it again at Ohio State in two weeks. It is possible with QB Josh Harris in the fold and leading this team.

Boise State – They were in my Top 25 most of last year and probably the best team in the WAC. If they can beat Oregon State they will make my Top 25.

UConn – Two good wins against Army and Indiana. They will only need to beat Boston College and they will probably get into my Top 25. This is a good football team!

South Carolina – A good solid win at home against a ranked opponent in Virginia. It is pretty simple if they beat Georgia they are in the Top 25, but I would look for this to be their last time on this page.

Northern Illinois – Could be the first MAC team in the Top 25 with a huge win against Maryland, but the real test will come in two weeks against Alabama.

Oklahoma State – A good bounce back win at Wyoming and with three easy wins coming in the fold before Kansas State this is a team to keep a watch out for in the future.

Syracuse – A good road win in overtime against North Carolina. If they can manage a few more wins with that decent schedule you will see them in the Top 25.

Air Force – Might be the best team in the MWC, so look for them down the road if they can beat Utah and Colorado State.

Arkansas – It is pretty simple if they beat Texas they are in the Top 25, but it is not going to happen against that Longhorn offense they will have to defend.

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