Ouimet's Heisman Watch (Sept. 10)

Former Michigan football staffer Mark Ouimet handicaps the Heisman race for us.

1. Phillip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State – Definitely has the numbers, but needs a big win against Ohio State on the road. Facing a good defense in the Buckeye's and is on National TV this week.

2. Chris Perry, RB, Michigan – Great numbers so far against CMU and Houston, but with the Notre Dame defense coming to Ann Arbor its important that he gets over 100 yards to stay in the race.

3. Roy Williams, WR, Texas – Haven't heard his name much this year, but be patient the Roy Williams show is on its way. He is always a threat in this race, so stay tuned!

4. Cody Pickett, QB, Washington – Not enough offense against Ohio State to put him at the top of the list, but should slowly stack some numbers up to contend as the year goes.

5. Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State – Watch out for this guy, he wasn't even the starter last year until the 5th game. He has a great arm and an experienced line to go with it.

6. Brock Berlin, QB, Miami (Fl) – If they keep winning he could become the front runner, because of his stats. He brought the Hurricanes back in a thriller last week against the Gators.

7. Frank Gore, RB, Miami (Fl) – Being the back for the Hurricanes brings a lot of carries and a good line, so this guy will have a chance if they keep the chains moving. He was great as a freshman and is coming back from an injury.

8. Brad Smith, QB, Missouri – An exciting player to watch who has racked up some stats in the first two games. He is very exciting to watch and if they can keep winning and make a run at the Big Twelve Championship he will have a chance in this race.

9. Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech – Banged up in the last match up against James Madison, so he is definitely on the bubble right now. They do have a good defense in Texas A&M on September 18, so we will find out about him soon!

10. Chris Gamble, DB-WR, Ohio State – Needs to step it up a bit to stay in this race any longer, so I would look for a big game from Mr. Gamble this week against North Carolina State.

11. Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh – Could be the best WR in the country. Had 6 receptions for 123 yards against Kent State, so he is a physical player with speed.

12. Anthony Davis, RB, Wisconsin – Never count this Badger out of the race, because he will get the starts just like Ron Dayne did a few years ago. He has a total of 59 carries for 414 yards with 4 Touchdowns so far this season.

13. Chris Rix, QB, Florida State – Did a decent job last week and the Seminoles are back. This team will have to ride Rix all the way and if they do this kid will have a chance to be something special.

Outside Looking IN:

Ell Roberson, QB, Kansas State – He would have been my front runner until he was hurt in the last game and will not be back until October 4 against Texas.

Craig Krenzel, QB, Ohio State – No offensive Touchdowns in the last game for this leader of the defending National Champions against San Diego State. Needs to move the offense this week or will be out of the race.

Greg Jones, RB, Florida State – A powerful back and probably the top NFL prospect in next years draft. He is the focal point of this offense with Chris Rix, so with Booker out and having to carry the load he has an outside chance this year.

Reggie Williams, WR, Washington – Depending how Washington season goes he will have a shot, because of his size and stats he puts up. Washington is going to need to win some games and do it through the air for Reggie to stay in this race for the long haul.

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