Glasgow having 'easy' transition to viper

Michigan's Jordan Glasgow is loving his "easy" transition into the viper role.

In Michigan's spring game, Jordan Glasgow intercepted an underneath pass by Wilton Speight in the red-zone, promptly taking it the length of the field for the score.

For many onlookers it was their first chance to see the converted safety playing his new role of viper in Don Brown’s defense.

And so far, the move has worked out for Glasgow. 

“Right now I am playing viper and I love the position,” Glasgow said. “But if they feel like I would be better somewhere else (and) they’re going to move me into playing time into another position, I’m obviously not going to argue with that.”

Well, right now viper seems to be a good fit for Glasgow, as he’s continued to make plays in U-M’s three days of spring practice in Rome. He’s even intercepted another Speight pass in a recent scrimmage. He even credits his success at viper due to his previous experience at safety.

“I played safety last year and we covered a lot of slot receivers, as a viper you cover a lot more tight ends, so I would the transition into covering bigger slower guys was a bit of a relief I would have to say. I would say the transition is easy,” Glasgow said. “It’s more instinctual position and me and Khaleke (Hudson) have really latched onto it. He’s flourishing in it and I hope I am flourishing in it as well.”

In the meantime, the 6-foot-1, 210-pounder says his focus is on getting bigger this off-season. However, as long as it doesn’t affect his style of play, he says.

“I would like to be a little bit bigger,” Glasgow said. “I’m not very fast right now and maybe if the size compromises my speed, then maybe not. But if I am able to get a good tradeoff of strength and speed, then I would like to get as big as possible to be honest.”

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