Briggs Recaps Michigan Visit, Other Top Schools

Cincinnati (Ohio) Walnut Hills 2019 defensive tackle Jowon Briggs updates recruitment, four schools sticking out after recent visits.

Cincinnati (Ohio) Walnut Hills 2019 defensive tackle Jowon Briggs has been on four notable campus visits lately and it so happens those are the four schools that are “sticking out” right now in his recruitment, he says.

And, well, they so happen to be rivals in the Midwest too, as he named Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Notre Dame as key programs in his recruitment.  

The Michigan Insider caught up with Briggs at the Under Armour combine in Cincinnati on Saturday, where he gave his thoughts on each school, focusing on the highlights of each visit.

First, for obvious reasons, Briggs recapped his Michigan visit.

“They showed me how I can fit into their defense,” Briggs said of Michigan. “They showed me around the campus. They showed me how long it would take to get to class to class. They showed me the locker room. I got to interact with some of the guys a little bit. I got to watch the pro day that was there a little bit, which was nice. I got to see how the players act when they have to turn that switch on, when it’s all serious instead of practice.”

Now that Briggs has been to U-M’s campus, he says his plan is to go back.

“I just want to keep going up there,” Briggs said. “I want to see how the players go in a game situation. I want to see the switch really click on in a game situation. I don’t really know what to look for, so I’ll be open to see whatever next time up.”

Briggs talks about his other three visits

Then Briggs talked about Ohio State.

“As far as their program goes, they lost all of their players and definitely don’t complain about anything,” Briggs said. “Their weight coach is serious and academics again, we talked about different opportunities about their interns and everything.”

At Michigan State, Briggs says he had opportunity to watch the Spartans practice this spring.

“I got to watch them practice, which was pretty cool, I got to watch players go at it with each other,” Briggs said. “So I can see where I fit in there. But I just went to watch them practice.”

And Briggs’ visit to ND was similar to his MSU trip, he noted.

“Notre Dame, I got to watch them practice, so once again I got see where I fit in,” Briggs said. “I got to see their academics. I got to see their complexes as far as athletics go. And we talked about academics of course.“

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