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Miami '19 OLB 'ecstatic' to receive U-M offer

Miami (Fla.) Monsignor High 2019 OLB Jahmar Brown says he was "ecstatic" when he received his Michigan offer.

Like many top prospects that hear they have received a Michigan offer, Miami (Fla.) Monsignor High’s Jahmar Brown admits he was a little “ecstatic” when he heard the news.

He even publicized his excitement by announcing his Michigan offer on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Later on that day, The Michigan Insider caught up with the rising junior, who gave a more in-depth reaction on his U-M interest.  

“Michigan is a school I've liked for a while,” Brown said. “I grew up watching them and like their defensive schemes, and they have a pipeline of players that go through Michigan and proceed into the NFL. It's a lot of upside with Michigan.”

Now that Brown holds an offer from Michigan, he says his next step is getting on campus for a visit.

“I do want to visit,” Brown said. “I want to take a tour of the stadium, the locker room and meet some of the coaches. Also, I want to see a few dorm rooms, really just the whole area.”

Up to this point, Brown says he hasn’t been on any campus visits yet, though, he says he would like to check out Michigan, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Ohio State, among others. And if and when he goes on those campus tours, he says he has a good idea on what he plans to see on those trips.

“I want to see the living environment and education, because that's going to be my home for 3-5 years of my life,” Brown said. “I want to make sure I'm comfortable living there and I'm getting the best education possible.”

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