John Beilein embraces decisions of Moritz Wagner, D.J. Wilson

Michigan head coach John Beilein embraces decisions of Moritz Wagner and D.J. Wilson and utilizes data and probabilities to help decision making.

Michigan head coach John Beilein addressed the media for the first time since the Wolverines' season ended a few months ago.

Friday's media appearance also allowed Beilein to discuss the decisions of Moritz Wagner and D.J. Wilson regarding their respective futures with the U-M basketball program. With Wagner returning and Wilson deciding to stay in the NBA Draft, it was a decision that either player didn't take lightly.

Fortunately for the two of them, both were provided plenty of information from the coaching staff regarding their decisions and how they would fare in the draft. For Beilein, providing this type of information is part of the job responsibilities for them. After all the information is collected, he's not going to try to force his players to make a decision one way or another.

Ultimately, it's up to his players and their decisions are his to embrace.

"I think our job is to give them as much information as possible," Beilein said. "Give them the probabilities involved and then embrace their decision. Sometimes we may look at what their reactions are sometimes and we have to remind them, alright, you do understand the probabilities here? Once we're sure they understand the implications of their decision either way, then you just have to step back and embrace it because it's not going to work if you're forcing people either way. Either out or in. We did that and we're all really satisfied with the way it all came out."

Wagner said the information handed to him by Beilein and staff appeared to be some sort of "reasons to stay list." While Beilein refutes that notion, he says it's entirely possible that both players saw two completely different things while scouring the data for positives and negatives.

"We gave them the exact same thing," Beilein said. "There's different data, it wasn't a list of reasons to stay, it's information that we had gathered. It was the probabilities, the feedback, and we gave that to them. Moe probably saw that as reasons to stay and D.J. saw that differently. It is exactly what it is."

With Beilein not openly recruiting his players to come back, as the decision is ultimately up to the player, the only thing he wants to ensure the entire process is that the coaching staff, the player and his family are all on the same page leading up to the final decision.

Beilein did just that this week, even making a trip out to California to make sure there were no stones left unturned.

"We had been talking the whole time," Beilein said. "We were talking at the combine, we talked again and Saddi and I flew out [to California] and flew back the same day on Monday. We sat down with him and his mom and made sure we saw eye-to-eye, everybody understood everything. He made his decision either Tuesday or Wednesday."

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