Beilein 'comfortable' with Robinson at 4

Michigan coach John Beilein says he's "comfortable" with Duncan Robinson at the four.

With D.J. Wilson staying put in the 2017 NBA Draft, Michigan Wolverines coach John Beilein says the opportunity to is there for Duncan Robinson to take over that starting role.

“I saw Duncan the next day and I’m excited for him,” Beilein said of Robinson. “This is a great opportunity for him. Knowing D.J. emergence at the four (last season), Duncan would probably back up there next year (if) D.J. was here.

“But now I am really comfortable with (Robinson at four), where we lose in some areas, we can gain in some areas.”

Robinson, who averaged 7.7 points coming off the bench in 2016-17, is more of spot up shooter than Wilson. He shot 42 percent from three-point range last year, but is going to need to work more on moving without the ball this season, says Beilein.

“I think Duncan understands right now that he just can’t stand in the corner and get open, because they aren’t going to leave him open,” Beilien said. “How do you get open? You just watch Kyle Korver over and over again. Yea, he stands in the corner, but at other times he’s running a 100 miles per hour around the court to get open. So he understands that.”

And while Beilein admits Robinson is different player from Wilson, he did acknowledge the work Robinson is already putting in this off-season.  

"He’s driven right now,” Beilein said. “Duncan is so driven right now. And this just added to it.”

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