Horford May Have a Change In Plans

I heard earlier this week that Coach Amaker would be in the Grand Ledge area to watch <b>Al Horford</b> play. Wednesday afternoon I spoke with Al's dad Tito, and last night I caught up with Al himself. With Joe Crawford taking his official this week, and Al showing up for the second week in a row, this weekend could have huge recruiting ramifications on both the football and basketball fronts.

As I indicated last month in my interview with Al Horford (Is Al Horford On Michigan's Radar?), the young man from Grand Ledge is more than just a blip on Michigan's screen. I chatted with (former NBA star) Tito Horford for over an hour at July's Nike camp. During our conversation he indicated that he had a few questions about Michigan's program. When I spoke to him again on Wednesday he told me that his questions had been addressed by Tommy and the staff. He will be in town with Al this weekend and that could be very big based upon what Al had to say in the interview below.

Al establishes position at the Glass City Classic earlier this summer.

How was your visit to Michigan last week?

“I thought it went pretty good. The game was pretty nice. I’ll be going back this weekend for another unofficial visit.”

I heard Coach Amaker was in town the other day

“Yeah, he came by an open gym. I got a chance to say hi to him and stuff but not really talk to him. I guess my dad talked to him for a while.”

Are your feelings about Michigan even MORE positive now?

“Yeah, definitely. After talking to them this summer, definitely.”

Do you think your Dad has a better feeling about Michigan now?

“Yeah. I do too!”

Would you say that they are your favorite at this point?

“I really like them, I’ll tell you that. I think they would be at the top. That sounds about right.“

How about the rest of your list? Have you narrowed it down from 5 yet?

“Well, I like Michigan, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Kansas.”

Are those the schools that you’ve heard from since September 1?

“I’ve been hearing from more schools, but those are the ones that I’m interested in.”

Has your decision timetable changed any since we last spoke?

“I think that I might make it sooner than I was expecting. We’ll see. I think my recruiting is going pretty good and I think I could be making my decision anytime now.”

You told me earlier this summer that you would betaking your test. Were you able to do that?

“I never got to take it this summer. Instead I went to a basketball tournament. I’m going to take the ACT on the 27th.”

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