Notebook: Harbaugh talks Grant Perry, position switches and more

Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media after the Light Up the Land satellite camp in Ohio.

Video by Brice Marich

Michigan's NCAA-shortened satellite camp tour is underway and the Wolverines coaching staff made a stop in Ohio for the Light Up the Land camp.

U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media after the camp was over and touched on numerous topics.

The Michigan Insider has the latest notes from his discussion.

On Jabrill Peppers to Cleveland

"I think he'll have a great impact. I think he will be a really significant addition, I like what he's doing right now. He's just working. His head's down and he's soaking it in and he's doing his thing. I think it bodes well for Cleveland because he's a football player."

On team returning from month off

"Everybody's back. I was counting down the days. To do what we did, to go to Rome for a week... To have no shenanigans, no kerfuffles and no incidents of any kind is just awesome. I'm really proud of our team for that, including the 45 that stayed in Europe pretty much on their own. There was no Michigan football personnel to do anything for anybody. They were they to do their study abroad, to do their internship and doing their travel. Was just impressed with the level of maturity of our guys. I've really enjoyed the stories of Iceland, Austria, Costa Rica and Argentina. It impacts you even more when you come back and hear the stories and people ask you about it. It's been great still, still have a glow about it."

On team returning refreshed

"They had options. Really one of the coolest prospects of the entire thing is that if they wanted to study abroad they could, if they wanted internships abroad they could, if they wanted internships in Albuquerque or New York they did or if they just wanted to just go home and spend time with family they could or if they wanted to go to class in Ann Arbor they could. Like normal human beings, to have options. I think it'll be a good thing for us. The guys are back and the stone to the grindstone again."

On Eddie McDoom's health

"Yeah, he had a little bit of a sore throat the other day. He had an ankle but he's recovered from that."

On incoming freshman entering program

"Yeah they're starting now. When they graduate, so some of those dates are different. Some are going to come in as soon as they graduate and some are going to come as soon as they have to be so they can spend the last couple of weeks with family and stuff. We'll have a few come up, we have a few that are in Ann Arbor right now."

On Ben Mason and other position switches

"[Ben Mason's position change] it's done. We're going full speed ahead on that."

"Brad Hawkin's possibly could be a safety. He could [play receiver and safety]. What's transpired is that Don Brown got to him. Don Brown said that he talked to Brad and Brad wanted to play safety. I accused Don Brown of some recruiting going on there so we haven't really investigated the whole thing yet, I think it's a little bit of both."

On Grant Perry

"He's back working out with the team."

- Harbaugh says that his case has yet to be resolved but he will be with the team during camp.

On alternate uniforms

"We talked about when we first signed up with Nike and we said that would be something that we would be interested in, they were interested in. It's been designed. [Michigan will use alternate uniforms] at least once this year. I don't know, some people like the element of surprise. I don't know if I'm at liberty to say [which game they will be used], I know which one it's going to be, I know which game it's going to be. I don't want to steal anybody's thunder...It's been an unbeliavble partnership."

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