No. 12 DE Anoma Continues his interest in Michigan

Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances 2018 DE Eyabi Anoma stopped by Michigan's camp to show he's still "interested."

BOWIE, Md. -- Since Michigan's coaching staff was in the area, Baltimore (Md.) St. Frances 2018 defensive end Eyabi Anoma figured he would stop by and let them know he was still interested.

“I just wanted to come down and see the coaches,” Anoma said at Bowie State’s football camp on Saturday, which was co-hosted by Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh and his staff. “I mean, Michigan is not close to Maryland, so I wanted to come down and say hi, show my face, and show that I’m interested and that I didn’t forget about them.”

It also gave Anoma a chance to further his bond with Harbaugh, admitting the two of them already have a unique relationship.

“I’m not really an uptight type of player, I’m really just goofy and really friendly. So I can be that around him,” Anoma said of Harbaugh. “Cause some coaches react different, but he has that more joyful personality. So you can be open with him.”

Next up, Anoma says he plans to take a trip up to Michigan later this month.

“I just want to look at the campus,” Anoma said. “I already know the football thing. I want to look at life without football, because you always need a backup plan just in case. So I want to see what they have to offer on the academic side of things.”

Anoma has already been on campus visits to Alabama, Pitt and Maryland among others. He says he also intends on visiting Texas A&M, Florida and UCLA coming up.

“I’m new to the process, I’m not a very picky person, at the end of the day I just want to play,” Anoma said. “They ask me if I want to far (distance-wise), at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where I go, I just want to play (football) and come out a man. Right now I’m still a child, I want to leave out college a man, for like personality, maturity, everything. I want to be able to articulate better, so any school or program that can help me become a better person or man or football player, that’s basically what I’m looking for in a school.”

Anoma plans to take all five of his official visits and will announce his decision on national signing day 2018.

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