Hamilton brings U-M camp back to his 'roots'

Michigan's Pep Hamilton had input in U-M coming back to his "roots" in Washington D.C./Baltimore area.

BOWIE, Md. -- On Saturday, Michigan's satellite camp at Bowie State turned out to be a homecoming for first year passing game coordinator Pep Hamilton, who grew up in the nearby Washington (D.C.) area.

And Baltimore/D.C. area so happens to be Hamilton’s recruiting area, too. So naturally, he admits he had some influence on U-M’s camp stop at Bowie State.

“I was able to give an informed opinion on how I thought we would be received in this area,” Hamilton said. “Myself, our recruiting coordinator Sean McGee, who was at the Naval Academy in the same capacity last year. We have roots in this community. So it was important for us to come back and at least expose kids in this community what is that we have to offer at the University of Michigan.”

And make no mistake, Hamilton “absolutely” sees the benefit of working with youth in the area.

“As I said to our kids when were finishing the camp, these kids they came out, they worked hard,” Hamilton said. “I think the coaches coached them hard. I think it’s important that they understand the true value of being coachable. And just understand that football is a vehicle for these kids to better their lives. It’s just not about the game of football. It’s about winning in the classroom. And that will transcend to them finding a way to win on the field as well.”

Hamilton may be new to the satellite tour at Michigan, however, he still sees the value of having stops at schools like Bowie and 10 others around the country. 

“When you look at it this way, for the kids that don’t have the means and resources to travel from this area to Ann Arbor, you know it’s a great opportunity for them to have an opportunity to experience coach (Jim) Harbaugh and rest of our staff. And get a chance to really showcase their talents for our staff all the coaches that were here today," Hamilton said. 

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