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Jim Harbaugh opposes Friday night games in radio interview with Rich Eisen

Jim Harbaugh reiterates that Saturday's are for the Wolverines.

When FOX and the Big Ten announced that the conference will play Friday night football games this upcoming season, the University of Michigan athletic department came out as staunch opposers to the new schedule and declined to participate in any Friday night games.

Fast-forward to June, U-M football head coach Jim Harbaugh echoed the same sentiments of his athletic director, Warde Manuel, on the Rich Eisen Show on Monday.

"I'm not for it at all," Harbaugh said of Friday night football games in the Big Ten. "Friday night is for high school football. I think there's a way that [changes could be made to Friday night games]. The pendulum can swing one way and do something that's not productive for the game of football, it has the ability to swing back the other way. I don't think that's set in stone nor should it be. The opposition of playing football games on Friday nights should be voiced."

Other topics touched on by Harbaugh:

- The team is working on establishing honorary captains again this year.

- Harbaugh again reiterates that Colin Kaepernick will find a job in the NFL: "It's well-documented that I think he'll win championships before his career is finished."

- Competition will be kicking up soon with summer condition underway: "The waters are hot. It's been a fun team to be coaching. They've been working since winter, we had spring ball and now we're into summer conditioning. We've got a young team with some returning starters at key positions." 

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