Hamilton Slowly Building Bond W/Speight

Pep Hamilton is slowing building his bond with Michigan QB Wilton Speight, talks Drake Harris' move to DB and U-M's up and coming young WR's.

BOWIE, Md. -- When spring practice began in early spring, Pep Hamilton said he would eventually take some time and get to know Michigan's incumbent quarterback Wilton Speight.

That would make sense after all, considering Hamilton is U-M’s newly hired passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach. 

And it seems Hamilton has bridged the gap – a little bit anyways – with his ongoing relationship with Speight.

“We had a chance to really sit and talk, and talk life and football in Rome,” Hamilton said of Speight. “But we’re still working to develop just a great feel and understanding of what my mission is for him and vise versa. Ultimately it’s my job is to help him and the rest of our quarterbacks to realize their full potential. But it’s going to take time.”

Hamilton, however, hasn't had much time at home at all since Michigan came back from its Rome trip last month.

“Myself and the rest of our staff, we’ve been on the road for a month,” Hamilton said earlier this month at U-M’s Bowie State stop. “I’ve stepped back in Ann Arbor one day since we left for Rome. So, we’ll get back next week once we finish the swarm tour and get a chance to connect with the kids on campus and kick this 2017 campaign off the right way.”

Michigan’s campaign, of course,  starts on Sept. 2, when the Wolverines take on Florida in Arlington, Texas.

Quotable: On Drake Harris’ move to DB

“Coach (Jim Harbaugh) decided to move Drake to defensive back, I really didn’t have an opportunity to evaluate Drake in the spring because he was injured for quite a bit of the spring practices,” Hamilton said of Harris.

Quotable: On young WR’s sticking out this spring

“Even so we feel good about how the young players practiced throughout the spring,” Hamilton said of his wide outs. “But that doesn’t necessarily men that’s going to translate to them giving us chance to being able to beat Florida in our first game of the season. They have a lot of work to do. As you guys just mentioned, they have to work their tails off this summer. And they got to get in great shape, best shape of their lives, as well as they got to develop that continuity, get that rhythm and timing with our quarterback. So we’ll see.”


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