Childhood dream leads Taylor Currie home to Michigan

It was a childhood dream realized when 2019 C/F Taylor Currie made his commitment to Michigan official.

It didn't take long for 2019 four-star C/F Taylor Currie to decide that the University of Michigan was the place for him.

In real life, Currie's commitment to U-M took about a handful of seconds. However, in reality, he'd been waiting for that moment since childhood.

On the first day college coaches were allowed to contact 2019 basketball recruits, Wolverines head coach John Beilein reached out to Currie with some good news: He'd received a scholarship to Michigan. Currie's reply was simple, he would accept that scholarship offer immediately.

For Currie, the decision to commit to Beilein and U-M was an easy one. A relationship with the coaching staff had been established since middle school between the two parties. In spite of all the other factors that go into the recruitment of a high school athlete, nothing tugs at the heart strings more than achieving a lifelong dream.

A dream that became realized on Thursday.

"It's Michigan," Currie told The Michigan Insider when asked why he wasted no time accepting the scholarship offer. "Great relationship with the coaches, I love all the coaches. Love Coach Beilein, Coach Meyer, Coach Donlon and Coach Washington. I love the University of Michigan, growing up I've been a huge fan. Ever since I was a little kid it's been my dream to be a student-athlete at the University of Michigan. Not only that, it's a great school and Ann Arbor is a great town. I see myself playing very well in their system and the way they play suits my game as well. [Receiving the offer] was awesome. For me, growing up as a kid I always wanted to play at Michigan. When Coach Beilein called me today and we talked, it was just a surreal moment for me. He offered me a scholarship to the University of Michigan and I accepted that scholarship. I think he was very excited, he said he was smiling a lot and I think he expected me to commit. I haven't been shy about my love for Michigan on my Twitter page and whatnot. I think he expected it but he was very pleased."

"I think he was very excited [when Currie committed], he said he was smiling a lot and I think he expected me to commit. I haven't been shy about my love for Michigan on my Twitter page and whatnot. I think he expected it but he was very pleased."

With Currie recognizing that he is an excellent cog in the Wolverine machine, the coaching staff is hoping to see him evolve into a role similar to a current player they have on the roster, Moritz Wagner. With Wagner likely gone, barring any sort of redshirt situation, by the time Currie enrolls with the program, the coaching staff sees a seamless transition between the two players.

Of course, with some added caveats added in between.

"They see me playing a very similar to the type of role Moe Wagner plays now," Currie said. "Being able to play the five and four, being able to guard the five and four and maybe the three a little if necessary. Being able to score from the inside and outside. Being able to rebound, block shots, defend and just control the paint but still have the ability to score off the dribble and off the pick-and-pops, catch and shoot, all sorts of that."

As a 16-year-old, not many talented athletes his age can say that they have put the stresses of the recruitment process behind them so quickly. The easing of pressure in one situation only adds to another, the importance of continually getting better and to avoid becoming stagnant.

Playing for Clarkston High School and state-renowned head coach Dan Fife, coupled with a talented AAU squad in All-Ohio, Currie has the foundation that is demanding enough to become a better player and teammate as well as becoming the player he wants to be in Ann Arbor.

What's left for Currie now, you ask? It's business as usual.

Just as it was all business when he hit the gym to put up shots two hours after making his commitment to U-M official.

"I'm going to do what I've been doing," Currie said. "That's been every day get in the gym and I'm focused on getting better. Making myself better and making my teammates better. Whether I'm playing with Clarkston or whether I'm playing with All-Ohio, I want to make myself better and I want to make those around me better. At the end of the day, hopefully having a bond with your teammates and hopefully winning some games."

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