Harbaugh: U-M heading Europe again next spring

Jim Harbaugh says Michigan will head to Paris, Normandy and London for spring practice in 2018.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- After taking a “straw poll,” Michigan will be heading back to Europe next spring, says U-M coach Jim Harbaugh.

“Right now we’re looking into going to Paris (France), and then Normandy (France), and then London (England), finish up in London for the spring game,” Harbaugh said.

This news comes, of course, after Michigan finished its spring practice schedule in Rome, Italy this spring. For his second Europeon trip, however, Harbaugh says time they want to mix it up a little on travel.

“Rome was great, there was so much to see,” Harbaugh said. “But one of things we thought about after the trip was to go to multiple places, not just stay in one place. But there was so much to see in Rome it was unbelievable, and there is in Paris. While we’re there to see Paris, Normandy and London, it’s (what) we’re striving for.”

In Rome, Michigan practiced three of its allotted 15 spring practices. Harbaugh says they are still undecided on the practice format in spring 2018. 

“Haven’t decided yet,” Harbaugh said of U-M’s practice schedule. “We would like to practice in Paris and in London, in those two places split up the practices this time.”

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