Harbaugh: Perry and Newsome status update

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh says Grant Perry won't play till there is "closure" in his case, Grant Newsome to redshirt.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Earlier this month, Michigan junior wide receiver Grant Perry was let back on the team by coach Jim Harbaugh.

At the time, Harbaugh gave no details if Perry would be allowed to play this season or not, as he awaits his pending four counts of alleged sexual assault charges stemming from an October incident.  

Today, Harbaugh confirmed Perry will be on the team, but will not play till the case has been closed.

“He won’t represent the team on the field in games until the case is finalized, until there is closure,” Harbaugh said.  

Though, Harbaugh says while Perry waits, he’s still allowed to do everything with the team but play on gamedays.

“He’s always had the opportunity to get treatment,” Harbaugh said. “He’s always had the opportunity to get academic support. He’s always had the opportunity to be in the university. He’s still a functioning member of the university. The latest step was to allow him to train and workout with the team.”

Adding: “That seemed fair, so that was the decision that was made.”

Update on Newsome’s injury

While it seems Grant Newsome is making progress on his once broken leg, he won’t be playing on the football field anytime soon, says Harbaugh.

“I do not expect Grant to be ready to go on July 31,” Harbaugh said, when asked if Newsome will be ready for the start of fall camp.

“I suspect this year would be a redshirt for Grant (Newsome). He will be a student coach and rehabbing his leg. But it’s going well. So Grant will be a great influence on the team.”

And, of course, Harbaugh said “oh yes” that Newsome will play again someday.

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