Brown: Gary 'best i've ever seen'

Michigan DC Don Brown thoughts on Rashan Gary's overall ability: “Best I’ve ever seen.”

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- When it comes to Don Brown’s thoughts on his budding defensive end Rashan Gary, Michigan's defensive coordinator didn’t hold back his high praise of his sophomore star.

“Best I’ve ever seen,” Brown said promptly. “Just running around, best I’ve ever seen. The sky is the limit. The good thing is I think he understands that’s there is a lot on his shoulders. He’s got coach (Greg) Mattison everyday. It’s all good.”

Brown was then asked again to clarify if Gary was the best he’s ever seen at the defensive end position?

He nodded, and then explained why.

“The best I have ever seen combining speed, strength, change of direction, and the mental curve, he’s unbelievable,” Brown said shaking his head admiration of his 6-foot-5, 290-pound lineman.

However, Gary’s leadership is one of his crowning characteristics, says Brown, who pointed out that he’s already leading older players on the team despite his younger stature.

“I’ll tell you why, because they know he works his tail off,” Brown said of upperclassman respecting Gary’s leadership. “If you’re a big mouth and you don’t work very hard, then guys aren’t going to take you very seriously. But when they see how hard he works and usually when he opens his mouth it’s with purpose.”

Adding: “To be honest, when leadership comes form within, you have a real chance.”

And while Brown has no say if Gary can or will be a captain, he doesn’t think it’s out of realm of possibility.

“I would think,” Brown said.

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