Henne Talks About Visit

GBW caught up with Wilson High School (West Lawn, PA) QB and Michigan commitment <b>Chad Henne</b> after he returned from his weekend visit to the Michigan - Notre Dame game. He had a chance to chat with a couple of U-M targets, including <b>Cameron Colvin</b>.

After a long weekend of driving and game excitement, Chad Henne (6-3, 230 lbs., 4.6 in the 40, 3.4 GPA) was gracious in taking the time to give GoBlueWolverine Magazine his thoughts on his recent visit to U-M. GBW reported earlier that the U-M QB commitment spent the entire game sitting with De La Salle (Concord, Calif) WR Cameron Colvin (Sept. 13 official visit, STAN Nike stats: 6-1, 188 lbs., 4.31 in the 40, 3.85 shuttle, 32.4 inch vertical, 13 bench press reps. … 2.3 GPA/16 ACT). Here is the earlier report:

The ‘visiting royalty' of today's game , Calif WR Cameron Colvin (on his official visit) and Pa. QB commitment Chad Henne were ten yards apart on the sidelines during pregame festivities. Each was surrounded by separate entourages of families, Michigan coaches, staffers and other recruits as they stood near their respective Michigan position units watching the pregame warm-ups. Colvin had brought his video camera and was shooting everything like a big Blue fan. Both stars were appropriately modest, standing dressed in near identical white-shirt, blue-pants outfits (Colvin had on long ‘shorts') and seemingly oblivious to the mini-commotions they were causing, but both were clearly and comfortably ‘recruiting royalty'. The funny thing was, neither seemingly knew about the presence of the other! And then it happened – a magic moment, a preview (let's hope) of coming U-M attractions! A Hollywood Michigan moment! Cameron Colvin suddenly went purposely ‘on the move' with his his godfather Jay Lightner in tow – and made a beeline directly to Chad Henne and his family. The two embraced and introductions were given all around to families and friends. And then they stood together and chatted for quite a while. Cameron gave his video camera to his godfather who filmed the two standing together, arm in arm. Then they made their way over to the recruit seating section for the game, where they sat side by side for the duration.

Both of course ARE fans of the other – it's a mutual admiration society. Jay Lightner had told us on August 8th that, "Cameron came and told me yesterday that Chad Henne committed; he was all excited." And Chad Henne told me the last time I talked to him, "I've got an away game Friday night, but Cameron Colvin is going to be there and so I've definitely got to get to the game to meet him. Definitely."

Henne talked about meeting the West Coast star, "He sat next to me and we talked about how good it would be if he came to Michigan," Henne said. "He seemed to really enjoy himself. I talked to his (God) father a little and he seemed to like it too."

Colvin was on his first official visit and couldn't have picked a better game to see the Michigan team. Henne was on an unofficial and was hoping to convince the star receiver to join him at U-M, "I told him he could really be a big part of the future for us."

As with Colvin, this was Henne's first trip to Michigan Stadium for an actual game, "The place was awesome," Henne said. "There were so many people, it was a new record. It was a great game. To shut out a team like Notre Dame was something."

Henne talked with some of the other visitors as well, "I talked to one of the lineman commitments, one from Michigan (Alex Mitchell) and one from Florida (Grant DeBenedictis). They were working on another lineman from St. Louis (Probably Brett Gallimore, who is from the Kansas City area) and trying to get him to commit."

Henne had a chance to talk to Coach Loeffler, "We talked a little before the game, about how they were going to run a lot of play-actions and stuff."

Henne also said that Colvin was supposed to meet with Coach Carr today (Sunday) before he left for home, "Hopefully he'll get him to commit, I'm sure that's what he's (Carr) going to try to do."

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