"The Trip Got an A Plus From Me!"

That is the grade Jay Lightner, godfather and guardian of De La Salle (Concord, Calif) WR <b>Cameron Colvin</b> gave their recent trip to Ann Arbor.

"We got in late last night," Lightner said. "It was a great trip. We really had a good time."

Cameron Colvin (Sept. 13 official visit, STAN Nike stats: 6-1, 188 lbs., 4.31 in the 40, 3.85 shuttle, 32.4 inch vertical, 13 bench press reps. … 2.3 GPA/16 ACT) took his first official visit to Michigan this weekend. He couldn't have picked a better game. Michigan demolished arch-rival Notre Dame 38-0. Colvin had some fans in attendance, "I guess a lot of people read the internet," Lightner said. "There were a lot of people with Cameron signs, and they sang the Cameron Song. It was crazy."

This was the first time Lightner or Colvin had been to Ann Arbor. "I've seen better as far as the facilities and the campus go, it was ok," he said. "But as far as environment and the way the whole town turns out for the game there is nothing better. The town was awesome.

"We stocked up on Michigan stuff. As a matter of fact my little son is wearing a Michigan shirt right now," Lightner said. We bought Cameron a Michigan jacket too."

Asked to compare some of the other facilities, Lightner said, "We've been to UCLA and their equipment is newer. I know Michigan is in the middle of upgrading their stuff, for instance the new locker room was incredible. But there are better facilities out there."

So, how did Cameron like the visit? "He had a great time. Chad Henne and Cameron got along great. They talked about how it takes two to make a great QB/receiver team."

After the game Michigan staffers took them off for a walk-around. "We went into the locker room and they had a jersey their with Cameron's name on it and his number 26," Lightner said. "Cameron asked, Where's number one? Everyone loved it. Cameron was very impressed though."

Speaking of number one, Braylon Edwards was Colvin's host on Sunday. "We spent part of the day with Coach English at his house. They were real good to us. After that we had a chance to talk with Coach Carr. I love Coach Carr, I just got a good feeling about the man," Lightner said. "I think we talked to all the coaches. They were all real good to us. After that we got to hang out with Matt (Gutierrez)."

So, did Cameron commit? "No," said Lightner, chuckling. "He's going to take all of his visits first, then he'll announce his decision at the CaliFlorida All-Star game on Jan. 2nd. But I'll tell you what, Michigan definitely took it up another step with the visit."

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