Brief Al Horford Update

I caught up with <b>Al Horford</b> yesterday to find out how his visit to Ann Arbor went this past weekend. Unfortunately, his dad wasn't able to make the trip. Al fills us in on where things stand at this point and talks a little more about how he feels about Michigan.

For those that missed last week's pre-visit update on Al, click here.

Did you enjoy your visit for the game this weekend?

“Yeah, I did. I had a really good time.”

So have you made your decision yet?

“Not quite yet. How that got out there, I’m not sure. I told Tommy that any day now, I’ll make my decision…but I haven’t talked to anyone yet. Right now I’ve narrowed things down to a couple of schools and I could decide any day now.”

Are you feeling comfortable and Michigan, and how do you feel you fit in with the team?

“Yeah. I like the team. I think that they’re all good guys and I get along with them pretty well.”

Why wasn’t your dad able to make it down?

“He was busy. I guess he had plans that I didn’t know about.”

Do you think he’d feel comfortable at Michigan?


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