Stan Edwards Comments on Kevin Grady

The former Michigan standout provides a brief analysis of the recently committed junior tailback.

Having starred at Michigan and then taking his skills to the NFL (for the Houston Oilers and the Detroit Lions), Stan Edwards has experienced football at its highest level. His days playing the game both collegiately and professionally, accompanied by his experience blocking for three Heisman trophy winners in Earl Campbell, Marcus Allen, and Mike Rozier, give him a unique perspective on the qualities intrinsic in a great back. That football expertise also allowed him to do color commentary for Fox Sports last year. Coincidentally, Stan commentated the Division 3 state final game between East Grand Rapids and DeWitt. That was the elder Edwards’ first time seeing the then sophomore Kevin Grady in action -- and MY was he impressed with what he saw!

Upon learning Michigan had secured a commitment from the West Michigan star, Stan commented, “Man is that huge!” When asked to give his brief take on what this stud running back brings to the table, Stan happily accepted.

What were your impressions of Grady?

“I thought that he was the next Jerome Bettis. He looked about 5-10.5, 220-225 lbs. to me. Like Jerome, he’s a big physical tailback with hips, vision, and moves. He’ll finish a run and punish you if he has to. But he doesn’t have to! He can beat you with so many other things. He might have a little bit more wiggle the Jerome. Maybe he's a mix between Jerome Bettis and Ricky Williams.”

Do you think Kevin has the speed to break away from big time college players?

“Oh yes! He’ll run a 4.5 for you. Even if he runs 4.6, that’s pretty good because he’s in immaculate condition. I don’t know if Marcus Allen ever ran a 4.5. But Marcus was HIGHLY conditioned! He was still a 4.5 guy in the fourth quarter. That was when everyone else was slowing down and he stood up.”

Even at that early point in his development, did he look like a kid that could be thrown into the fire right away?

“Yep. I didn’t see too many flaws in his game. He can catch the ball. He was okay as a blocker, but if you’re a 220-225 lb. high school running back, you can just lean on the linebackers and they’ll fall over (laughing). So, I never saw him put into a position where he had to REALLY block someone because most of them weren't his size. It wasn't until I stood next to Grady in the lockerroom that I realized how big he was in the neck, shoulder, and trap area. When I saw him in his uniform I just thought that he was a thick, stout kid … but this kid is fairly cut.

“It will be interesting to see how Michigan uses him. East Grand Rapids used him in the one back set some, but he was pretty interchangeable between fullback and tailback when they had two in there. Regardless of that, in my opinion this kid is a true tailback. Period!”

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