Jamar Adams Talks About Commitment (Part 1)

I spoke to Jamar for about a half an hour this evening. This thoughtful young man gives the reasoning behind his decision in part 1 of the interview.

When did you decide that Michigan was the place for you?

“Basically, I had already decided that it was the place for me. It was just the fact that I wanted to weigh some other options. In my heart, I always knew that Michigan was the place, but I had to pray and get an answer from God. When He came through, it was all systems go. That was where I always wanted to go, it was just nice to have confirmation from God.”

What schools did you visit?

“I took unofficial visits to a few schools. I went to Georgia, Carolina, Wake Forest, Virginia, and NC State.”

When did you let Coach Carr know that you wanted to go to Michigan?

“We talked last night. Hee talked to me for a while about things, and I told him that I wanted to weigh all my options. He told me that whatever decision I made, it was going to be a good decision for me. I agreed and then I told him I wanted to be able to take official visits to other schools if I commit early. He then said “That’s fine.” After that, he told me that the ball was in my court.”

“I was going to put him on hold for a second and have him talk to my mom for a little bit, but my mom was talking to my grandmother. Then my spirit just said, “DO IT YA DUMMY!” (chuckle) So then I just said, Coach, I wanna’ come to Michigan.”

He said that he didn’t have any problem with you taking official visits?

“Yes. You have to understand…I am a really honest person. I’ve always been up-front with everyone that I have been associated with. I told myself, and I told everyone else that when I make a commitment, there is no backing out of that. A commitment is saying, “this is my word.” If you go back on your word, I don’t think you are much of a man.”

So if you take visits to other schools, it is just to take the visit?

“Yes. It won’t be to de-commit or anything like that. Because like I said, once God designates a place for you to go, you can choose to go somewhere else, but you won’t be as prosperous. I can feel it in my heart. I went down to Georgia last Saturday and the atmosphere was wonderful! The people were good and Coach Richt is a very strong Christian guy, so I felt real comfortable around him. But, I didn’t have that feeling inside me like I had when I was at Michigan.”

Do you have any idea at this point what other official visits you might take?

“I’m not sure right now. I might take one to Georgia, I might take one to UCLA, I might take one to Florida State, Carolina, I might take one to Miami, I’m just not really sure at this point.”

Did you talk to Coach English about your decision?

“Yes, I talked to him today. He was really excited. Coach Herrmann was there with him and they were talking about all of the things that they could do with me. They had already been thinking about it.”

Have they talked to you any more about what position they want you to play?

“First, all that they were talking about was using me at safety, but when I talked to Coach English, he said he had been thinking about it and remembered how I did at camp, and he said that they may try me out at corner first. It hasn’t really been decided yet. Either way, I just look forward to getting on the field.”

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