Jamar Adams Calls Again

A fired-up Jamar Adams just called me again. He's excited and, even though he'd just got off the phone with Sam Webb, he wanted to talk some more about Michigan -- his recruitment, his decision to commit, the Michigan Summer Camp, his friendship with another U-M commitment, everything!<br><br> Also, Sam Webb and I have watched Jamar play a couple different times. Here is my brief scouting report.

Before tonight, the last time I'd talked to Safety Jamar Adams was a couple days after his Michigan official visit. At the time he'd told me, "I am thinking about 'doing something' -- it could happen in the next couple times I talk to the Michigan coaches." And so it did!

Jamar was so excited about his commitment that, even though he'd just talked to Sam Webb, he wanted to talk some more! (So pardon if there is some overlap)

"I can't wait to get to Michigan. I mean, I'm having fun with my teammates. But I can't wait to get up to Michigan."

How did the commitment happen?

"Coach Carr called me, we were talking. I went to the Georgia game last weekend, so I didn't see the Notre Dame game. So I was just talking with him about how things are going with Michigan, and with me. He said, 'If you want to commit, Michigan would be a a great choice for you.' I said even if I committed, I wanted to visit other places. He said, "That'd be up to you; it'd be fine with me.' Then my grandma got on the phone and he was talking to her. I went into the kitchen, and something told me, 'You better do this, you dummy!"

Any chance you'd change your mind?

"No sir. None. I'd like to visit Florida State and UCLA, and maybe Virginia or Virginia Tech, but I'm a man of my word. Unless something drastic would happen at Michigan, like the coaches all quitting or something ... I've been taught to hold to your word."

So when did you know it was Michigan?

"Actually, I knew from Day One that I wanted to go to Michigan. I've always been a Florida State fan, but it's different being a fan and being a student athlete at a school. I knew right away that Michigan was the best place for me."

"Like I told you in the spring, I was waiting for God to tell me what to do. And it was God who told me in the kitchen, 'Hey dummy!' And there were many more signs from God. I made the decision, and God made the decision."

"One of the signs was, you know that (fellow U-M commitment from Farmington Hills Harrison) Charles Stewart and I really connected, starting at camp. His mom and dad both told me that whenever I was on a break or anything, that if I couldn't get home then I was to come stay with them. His dad is a minister you know. They don't live an hour from Ann Arbor and on Sundays I can come by his church."

"When Charles came to camp Michigan hadn't offered him a scholarship -- actually Coach English told me that right away. But then they offered Charles, and he called me that night and told me he was committing. I was really happy for him!"

"Coach English is real straight forward. And camp was really fun. One evening we were sitting down to dinner. And he was just looking at me. He said, 'How'd you feel about playing corner?' I said, 'I'll play anywhere, it doesn't matter to me!"

"My ability is a blessing from God, and I'll use it as best I can."

Regarding his ability:

My scouting report. At 6-2 1/2, 193 lbs. Adams is more of a 'tall Marlin Jackson' that an 'Ernest Shazor'. He is not a 'head hunter' like Shazor. Instead he has very good cover skills along with good speed. Against his peers he has blanket-smothering coverage skills, with good hips, good quickness and good speed. And obviously, exceptional height. He is definitely underrated by the recruiting anaylsts, as attested to by offers from Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, NC-State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, UCLA and others. Jamar also is a rock-solid kid who will be a top notch Michigan student-athlete.

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