Jamar Adams Talks About Commitment (Part 2)

<b>Jamar Adams</b> talks about his relationship with another UM recruit, his season thus far, and more! Also check out his video from the first game of the season.

Have you told Charles (Stewart) yet?

“I called him, but he wasn’t at home. Then he called me back and there was bad reception. Then I called him back and he wasn’t in. Finally, his dad just said that he was going to have him call me back. But I’m going to talk to him.”

“You know, God set it up so perfectly. The coaches, the players, the tradition, and being able to get with a person that is like me. We have the same type of mindset. His father is a pastor and he said that I could go to church with them at any time. His mom is a wonderful person. They told me that I can come over to their house at any time, I can have Thanksgiving dinner with them… It’s just a good situation.”

Do you plan to talk to any of the other recruits the way that Charles talked to you, and try to get them to join the class?

“As a matter of fact, I was going to ask Coach if they were still recruiting Rod Council from North Charlotte. Rod and me ran track together for a long time, and we are pretty cool. We even go to the same barber shop.”

So how is your season going so far?

“It is going really good. We lost the first game to the defending state champions because we have a lot of young players on the team.”

What is your record right now?

“Right now, we are 2 and 1. We didn’t have any chemistry early, but my coach has done an excellent job of getting us prepared and getting some chemistry on the team. We came out and scored 56 points one game, and we have scored twice on defense. We’re just really rolling now,”

What are your stats so far?

“I have 3 interceptions, 3 touchdown receptions, 203 yards on 10 catches, 23 tackles, a sac and a lot of big hits.”

Can you give me and accurate height, weight, and 40 time for you?

“I ran the 40 at the beginning of the summer at Wake Forest and it rained the day that we ran. There was a brick wall at the end of the run, so I tried to slow down at the end so I wouldn’t run into the wall. I ended up pulling my hamstring, but I ran a 4.38. I wasn’t able to run anymore after that, because like I said before, I pulled my hamstring trying to slow down after I crossed the line. Then, a little while later I went to the NIKE camp and I was still recovering from the hamstring pull at Wake Forest, and it rained at the NIKE camp too!! That’s why I had that time (4.7) there. Luckily there weren’t any blazing receivers there that made me have to use all my speed while I was in man-coverage.”

Finally, give me your height and weight.

“My height is 6’3, and my weight changes. At the beginning of the summer I was 198. At the end of the summer I was 191.”

This is another big time defensive back recruit for the Wolverines. As is the case with his friend Charles Stewart, he brings great size and athleticism to the table. Both are also big hitters. Check out Jamar in action for yourself in the video linked below:

-Video from first game of this season.
-Highlight Video

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