Michigan Quacks Up

It was 'quazy' and exciting game -- except that Michigan threw a last second incompletion to lose at Oregon 31-27.

The game started right off crazy when at 5:42 in first quarter Michigan's Jeremy LeSueur blocked a 22 yard Oregon field goal attempt, and picked up the ball and returned it 85 yards for a touchdown. A great start! And then, Adam Finley missed the extra point.

This quick special teams score actually seemed to throw the Wolverine offense out of sync, as Michigan ended up with just three offensive plays in the first quarter. The the second quarter wasn't any better, including a muffed fake punt attempt and another punt returned by Oregon for a touchdown, and at half-time the Wolverines had gained a total of 42 yards and trailed the Ducks 21-6.

When the Ducks added a field goal at 11:09 in the third quarter to make it 24-6, Michigan fans were wondering, would a comeback ever come? And come back it did. The last quarter and a half of the game were wild.

After the Oregon field goal Michigan took the ball and, with 10:55 remaining in the third quarter, quarterback John Navarre proceeded to throw an interception at the Michigan 32 yard line. Fortunately for Michigan, Oregon did nothing with it, and after a couple punts back and forth, Michigan took the ball at the Oregon 34 yard line with 5:46 left in the third quarter. Finally things started to click and, at 4:03 in the quarter John Navarre hit Jason Avant with a 23 yard touchdown pass. 24-13. Michigan had hope.

Oregon took the ball and drove it to the Michigan two yard line before turning it over on downs at 14:54 in the fourth quarter. Michigan took it at their two and proceeded to drive it 98 yards (including a fourth down field goal attempt that, due to a Wolverine penalty, Michigan 'went for' instead and converted) to score at 11:04 with a ten yard scoring strike to Steve Breaston. Navarre completed the two point conversion to Braylon Edwards, and with 11 minutes to go it was 24-21.

Things looked pretty good -- but then they got weird.

At 6:55 left to go Adam Finley went back to punt and ... Oregon blocked it and fell on it in the end zone. Suddenly it was 31-21 Oregon again.

And when Michigan took over the ball, things got worse. At 5:10 Navarre was intercepted again, on the Oregon 25. Oregon didn't score, but at 03:05 got to the Michigan 35 yard line before giving it back to Michigan on downs.

Michigan drove again, and at 2:18 Navarre hit Steve Breaston with a 36 yard touchdown strike, to make it 31-27. However, once again Adam Finley missed the extra point. 31-27 with 2:18 left.

Time for a last ditch onside kick attempt ... and Michigan's Braylon Edwards recovered the ball! Suddenly Michigan fans REALLY came to life! The game was there to win!

Starting at their won 45, Michigan completed it to Braylon Edwards to the Oregon 44 -- Braylon came down with the pass but went out holding his right hand. Then Navarre got sacked, and on fourth down Edwards came back in and Navarre threw a slant pass -- a possible TD toss -- off Edward's right hand. The game was over.

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