Oregon Post-Game Presser Comments

Coach Carr and selected seniors, crammed into a little storage room, answering difficult questions.

Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr:

"Give Oregon credit. We have no excuses. We made too many mistakes. We had chances to win. We never stopped fighting. But in the end we didn't make the play."

"This team played hard. But we made more mistakes than Oregon did."

"We got going too late. The offense didn't get anything going in the first half. And the defense was on the field too long. But at half-time we thought we just had to go out and play, stop dropping passes, give the quarterback better protection, and settle down defensively. We figured we'd win the game at the end."

"Oregon did a good job against the run. I don't think we got the offensive line movement like we need."

"I've never been been involved in a game where our offense had three plays in the first quarter."

On John Navarre: "He had some passes dropped. And there is a huge crown on the Oregon field. It's much different than ours, and it caused his passes to go high until he adjusted to it."

On Steve Breaston: "He'd been knicked up the past two weeks. But he'd had a good week of practice, and he'll have a bigger role going forward."

On the muffed fake punt in the first half: "We had practiced the play. We thought we'd get a first down out of it, we wanted to protect our defense. Scott McClintock told me he just didn't catch the snap."

"We still have goals ahead of us. We have the Big Ten Conference coming up."

Carr was asked twice whether Braylon Edwards suffered a hand injury on the last drive of the game, but Carr declined to comment.

Jeremy LeSueur:
"Did we have a let down from last week? No, we were excited for this game."

Chris Perry:
"Our goal is to win every game. it still is."

Larry Stevens:
"We'll be back -- I guarantee it. It's not over -- at all."

Braylon Edwards:
"Our goal is still the same -- to win the National Championship. Teams with one loss win the National Championship."

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