The Team Will Get Past It

If there was a "Title" to today's (Monday's) Football Press Conference, that was it.

First came the players -- and all expressed this sentiment. John Navarre, Jeremy, LeSueur, Grant Bowman, and Jeremy Van Alstyne (because of the Indiana game coming up). All expressed the same thing: "The Big Ten is a brand new season."

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Then came Coach Carr, and he did his best to keep the theme going, although obviouisly there were questions asked about the game and Michigan's problems in it.

Coach Carr:

"We thought when we got the onside kick we would win. Oregon got the sack on first down, making it second and seventeen. But film shows that Steve Breaston absolutely made that diving catch on second down. It would been 3rd and two. The official that waved the catch off came from behind the play ..."

"We couldn't execute in the first half. John Navarre won't make excuses for himself. But it was the loudest stadium he'd ever played in. And the field had the highest crown he'd ever seen -- that effected his throws to sideline in the first half."

"The punt block was a great play by the Oregon rusher. He'd been making a spin move on Brian Thompson the whole game, and this time he came with a bull rush, and blocked Brian into the ball. We have get better on all our special teams, including the kicking. There are things they have to work on, we see some flaws in there. And we will work harder in practice."

"Braylon did not break a finger (on his right hand). There is some pain in there -- it's not easy catching a hard pass on bruised fingers. Braylon will play Saturday. The only problem I ever had with Braylon is being on time for practice. He works hard in practice and in games."

"Braylon Edwards made some spectacular catches, and John Navarre made some spectacular throws."

"Oregon had a big strong defensive front, and they put 8-9 guys in the box. And with the noise our offensive linemen had to look at the ball for the snap instead of listening, which put them at a disadvantage. But we still need to do a better job blocking."

"Pierre Woods came into office yesterday and apologized, he said, 'I let the team down and I promise I am going to do better.' That's Pierre."

"I thought Jeremy LeSueur played his best game at Michigan."


There are no changes in the U-M depth chart.

Spencer Brinton is out for the year -- he had shoulder surgery. His career is over.

The Big Ten Commissioner will make his suggestion tomorrow on the Minnesota game.

The Indiana game Saturday has a 12:10 starting time.

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