"Michigan was the best visit I've ever taken."

So said Australian kicker <b>David Lonie</b> from Ellsworth Community College. David is no Aussie Outbacker, but a very intelligent, mature and articulate 24 year old who may just end up in Ann Arbor -- and sooner than one may think.

I talked Thursday evening with JC PK/P David Lonie (6-5, 230 lbs.) from Ellsworth, Ia., Community College. Most Michigan fans know David's story by now. He came from Australia to finish high school at Palm Beach Currumbin High, but when it came time to enter college he found that his Australian credits didn't satisly the NCAA Clearinghouse. So after considering an offer from the CFL he enrolled at Ellsworth, Ia., Community College.

David was quick to tell me that this doesn't mean he's not a serious student. "I talked to the NCAA Clearinghouse at the time. What I got on the ACT or SAT didn't matter. My credits from Australia just didn't transfer. So I had to go to junior college. That doesn't mean I don't have brains -- I have a 3.68 grade point average."

You've visited Michigan and Ohio State now?

"The OSU visit was not an official visit. It was unofficial; they are trying to organize a official visit for me. The Michigan visit was an official visit."

Can you compare the visits?

"Michigan was by far was better. I didn't get to look at OSU that much. Michigan was the best visit I've ever taken."

"I already knew Adam Finley. I kicked with Adam this summer, at Doug Pelfry's Kicking Camp and the Aker Camp. We became friends. My coach had already sent a tape to Michigan. So Michigan got to ask Adam ahead of time what he thought of me."

Where else have you visited, and where are you visiting in the future?

"I've taken unofficial visits to Purdue, OSU, Cincinnati, and Louisville."

Where else are you going for visits?

"I've got an official visit set up to Illinois on Oct. 11th. Cal is trying to get me out on official; OSU is still trying. Nebraska wants me to come in for unofficial visit."

Who else has offered you?

"Ohio State, Michigan, Illinois, Temple, Baylor, Boston College. Cal told me they are going to take a juco kicker and I'm their number one. Others recruiting me are Nebraska, Arizona State, Kentucky and San Diego State."

I saw you at Michigan -- you looked like a defensive end! You and Jeff Schweiger standing together looked like blond twins.

(Laughing) "I've actually lost a little muscle. I'm pretty versatile. I run a 4.5 second 40. I was a decathlonist and soccer player. I've only been kicking a football for two years."

Is Michigan recruiting you as a place kicker, or as a punter?

"As a place kicker and for kickoffs. And they talked to me about how they could run fakes with me back there."

When do you plan to decide?

"Well, sometime in the next eight weeks. I'll be enrolling in January, so I can go through spring ball. I may even be able to go to a bowl this New Years -- not to play, but to be there with the team."

"Michigan is my leader -- they're pretty set on getting me there."

Last year at Ellsworth Lonie made eight of 12 field goals with his longest from 48 yards, and with three of his misses being over 55 yards. In four games so far this year he is five of seven.

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