"Who Would Win: Indiana or Notre Dame?"

You'll be surprised at what former Michigan staff Mark Ouimet says again this week -- so far, remember, he's been right! One thing we can all agree on: "Michigan needs a game like this on Saturday." Here's Ouimet's Indiana Preview, plus his intriguing comments on several other U-M football matters.

"This is a great team for Michigan to play right now."

"Indiana is not defensively sound. Their rushing defense is 10th in the Big Ten, and their total defense is last. Indiana gives up 27 points a game, worst in the Big Ten."

"And the Michigan offense is pretty solid ... 486 yards a games average."

"Basically, Michigan will pound the ball. You'll see a lot of Chris Perry, and David Underwood too as the game goes on."

"I think we'll see Michigan get around 450 yards on offense,with about 50/50 run/pass split. Michigan should get around 250 yards rushing."

"And Michigan will score 40+ points."

"As far as what Michigan needs to work on offensively. One things is 3rd down efficiency: Michigan is at 42 % now, they would like that to be 50% or better. Also, they've lost four fumbles, one a game -- that needs improving. And, obviously, the field goal unit. "

("By the way, Michigan offering another kicker means they are looking for help, although one of them may be looked at more as a punter. Anyway, Michigan has the scholarships to use this year").

"Bottom line: Michigan will score quick, and early, and put up points."

"Indiana's offense is better than their defense."

"At quarterback they have Matt Lovecchio, a transfer from Notre Dame. Which brings to mind -- who would win, Indiana or Notre Dame? I think it would be a hellava game, very close. The teams are similar actually. I'm gonna say Indiana would win it. The Irish should get slaughtered by Purdue Saturday."

"Anyway, back to Indiana. They average 10 points a game. They played Washington tough in the first half. They have a good wide receiver in Courtney Roby. They have a good punter. And Courtney Roby is a good kick returner too."

"I say they may score around 15 points Saturday."

"As far as Michigan's defense, I'll just go to the kicking game again. Adam Finley has to improve his punting too ... he's averaging 36.6 yards. And the return unit has to improve on staying in their lanes."

Ouimet's Prediction:
"43-13. Michigan won't hold anything back, they need to get running game going."


Ouimet comments on a couple other matters:

The Friday game at Minnesota next week:
"Well, they'll have to leave on Thursday just like for the Oregon game. There is not much lost, it doesn't make much difference. Coach Carr just doesn't want to take away from high school football -- that part is true. And ... I also imagine Michigan would have loved to have had the game at Ford Field ..."

Steve Breaston, THE budding Michigan star:
"Expect to see Breaston back there on kickoffs as the season progresses. In fact I think you can count on it. Michigan wanted him to get acustomed to punt returns early -- punt returns are harder than kickoffs because of the hang time. So Michigan, I'm sure, wanted to acclimate him to success. But we'll see him on kickoffs, and sooner rather than later, because they are happy with his success."

"The other thing with Breaston -- he will not play every down at receiver like Braylon Edwards. Not because he's not good enough, because he's very good. But because his body can't take it, not yet. Eventually yes, he'll have to , but not this year. Desmond did it, played receiver and returned punts and kickoffs, but not until he was older and stronger."

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