Jeff Schweiger: "His Only Speed is On"

That's what Valley Christian (San Jose, Calif) Head Coach Mike Machado said about his star defensive end <b>Jeff Schweiger</b>. GoBlueWolverine went to Oakland Friday evening to see the Warriors and Schweiger face off against McClymond High School.

Valley Christian defensive end Jeff Schweiger (Aug. 30 official visit, Stan. Nike Camp stats: 6-4, 245 lbs., 4.56 in the 40, 4.11 in the shuttle, 31 bench press reps, 30.9 inch vertical ... 3.0 GPA) recently visited Michigan and had some positive and not so positive things to say about his trip. His description of the trip was, "Awesome", but he stated some concerns with the way U-M uses its defensive ends, "I don't like the way they slant."

Recent reports have stated USC, Oklahoma, and Miami are Schweiger's favorites, "Yeah, but it changes from week to week, really day to day," he said. "Sometimes it just depends on who I'm talking to. Michigan is still in my top five but I want to take all my visits before I make my decision."

Friday's game was all Valley Christian. The Warriors caame away with a 26-0 victory, but Coach Machado said, "This wasn't our best game. We did some good things on offense but we have some things to work on. On defense you always like to come away with a shutout but there are some things we'll need to look at their as well. We have a big game next week against St. Francis and we'll need to bring out 'A' game then."

Schweiger spent the entire game at his defensive end position. He plays on the stong side and while McClymond spent most of the game running away from the big man, he managed to drag down 3 tackles and recovered a fumble in the first quarter. Coach Machado isn't exagerrating when he says, "Jeff's only speed is on." Schweiger gives 110% on every play. His speed and quickness are no illusion. Even though plays were going away he always managed to sprint to the ball.

On one play he bolted from his end position and came within inches of dragging down the McLymond QB running towards to opposite side of the field. He never takes a down off. The few times McClymond ran his way Schweiger couldn't be moved. He stood his blocker up and turned the runner inside. It was textbook defensive end play. On one tackle he appeared to swallow the McClymond back. There was no escape. It really wasn't hard to see why McClymond spent the night running away from Schweiger.

After the game, Schweiger said this about his play, "I could have played better. Their quarterback took short drops. If he had dropped back a little more I may have gotten to him a few more times. I did feel the were avoiding me but I just tried to get in on every play."

GBW will have photos from the game posted in the next few days.

Valley Christian faces Saint Francis next Saturday. Schweiger is The Insiders #32 ranked player in the nation.

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