Post Game Presser Comments

After Michigan's 38-17 win over the Hoosiers, Coach Carr commented on turnovers, Steve Breaston, and Braylon Edwards. He also addressed the status of Larry Stevens, Ernest Shazor, Jeremy VanAlstyne...and more.

Opening statement:

The objective is always to win and to play well. I think that we did play very well defensively. I thought that we had a great play there in the kicking game. It was a great individual play and there were some good blocks to get our first touchdown. Of course, Jeremy LeSueur had a great individual effort for a second touchdown. But offensively, you can’t turn the ball over four times in the first quarter-and-a-half and hope to be pleased with that kind of effort. So we’ve got to learn to take care of the football. There were a lot of good things in this game. I credit Indiana. I think they played very very hard. It was a physical hard-hitting game and I think they are to be commended. But offensively, if you look at the games we’ve played thus far this season we’ve turned the football over far too many times.

On if the team emotion (or lack thereof) had anything to do with the turnovers):

I think that emotionally we certainly weren’t at a peak. I didn’t expect us to be. I think what you want to learn how to do is to play very very hard even when you aren’t at a peak. We’re coming off of two weeks that took a lot out of our football team, so we weren’t where we would have liked to be. I don’t think it was any lack of playing hard. I think that it was carelessness. The first pass that John had intercepted, he had a guy wide open for a touchdown and just didn’t make a good throw. One of the fumbles in there I don’t even think Chris got hit. It’s more concentrating and paying attention to the football and taking care of it.

On how the replacements for Larry Stevens and Ernest Shazor performed:

I can’t evaluate anybody immediately after a game unless there are some individual plays. (Re Ernest and Larry)…they’ll both be back. Both those kids have played extremely well this year. We need to get them back and we will next week.

On what he liked about the defense:

The completion percentage. I thought that we had a lot of good pressure. We had some very good hits. We had a lot of people around the football. There were no big plays in that game. There were a few plays that squirted out of there in the running game. Thus far in the season, what pleases me the most is we have not given up the big plays that hurt us so badly a year ago. If you can continue to be a defense that doesn’t give up big plays then you force an offense to play mistake free, and that’s hard to do. I really like the way our defense is playing right now.

On if Steve Breaston is just scratching the surface of how good he can be:

I think he’s the type of guy that really wants to be the best. He has an attitude that will, in my opinion, allow him to get very close to his potential because he’s very coachable. He listens to everything you say. Practice is really where you develop the habits that allow you to become something special if you have the ability. Breaston is one of those guys in practice that’s all out every day. When you develop those types of habits, it much easier to take them to the field. If you look at the number of time he has touched the football this season and the number of touchdowns he has scored…I think it would be a remarkable statistic. Something good seems to happen whenever he touches it.

On why Braylon Edwards didn’t play much of the first half:

He had a very difficult week of practice. I don’t know how badly that finger is bothering him. There’s some competition there and some guys that are working awfully hard. We need Braylon to be what he can be, and I’m hoping that he will.

On Jeremy Van Alstyne's status:

I think he’s going to be ok. That’s the initial report that I got. We’ll just have to see. We’re optimistic.

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