U-M Doesn't Need Peak Performance

The Wolverines beat the Hoosiers 31-17, but for every positive there was a corresponding 'downer' in this game where, as Coach Carr said in the post-game press conference, "Emotionally, we were certainly not at a peak."<br><br> **SUNDAY NOON UPDATED**

Chris Perry ran for 112 yards, but lost two fumbles.

John Navarre was 15 for 24 passing with two touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions.

Braylon Edwards caught three passes including one for a touchdown, but he was again benched for much of the first part of the game because, Coac Carr said afterward, "We need Braylon to be what he can be."

Michigan led 31-3 with nine minutes to go in the game, but gave up two late touchdowns.

Steven Breaston returned a punt 58 yards for a touchdown (and caught a touchdown pass), but ... well, I guess there is not "but" to Steve Breaston. I guess the 'but' with special teams could be that after watching Garrett Rivas' 44 yard field goal be 'good' by barely trickling over the crossbar, it is hard to know whether the place kicking has settled down or not.

We'll learn a lot about this Michigan team next week at Iowa. Don't be fooled by Iowa's loss today at MSU -- the Hawkeyes were caught looking ahead, and could be doubly tough because of it.


Not in uniform: Larry Stevens (foot/ankle in a 'boot'), Ernest Shazor (The Det. News reports it is a wrist, but he was limping after the game). Coach Carr said in the press conference after the game that both would be back next week. Also Darnell Hood (he told me after that he'd be back next week).

Injured in the game: Jeremy Van Alstyne was taken off on a cart with a knee injury. After the game Coach Carr said the initial word was that it was not serious.

Back in action: Willis Barringer, Jacob Stewart. Didn't play as far as I could see: Prescott Burgess. Only played briefly: Ryan Mundy. Neither played on all special teams like they had been.

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